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Tractel "Scafor" Lightweight Manual Operation Manriding Hoist as Commonly Used to raise Access Platforms - 400kg Capacity

Model:  Scarfor / T-3560

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Manriding hoist with integral blocstop for use with secondary safety rope, Safe Working Load 400kg.

The SCAFOR is a lightweight manual hoist which has been especially designed for light suspended platforms fitted with two hoists or for bosun's chairs or one-man cradles fitted with a single hoist.

The wire ropes (lifting and safety) are not stored within the unit; therefore the working height is only limited by the rope's length.


The SCAFOR hoist can be fitted to

  • painter's cradles,
  • bosun's chairs and one-man cradles,
  • platforms with fixed or articulated stirrups.

The SCAFOR fits either directly to the stirrups of our ALTA cradles or with an adaptor to stirrups of other platforms. The lifting rope as well as the safety rope pass through the machine.


The principle of the wire rope passing through the machine gives the SCAFOOR three important advantages:

  • constant effort on the operating handles whatever the height of lift (no drum on which to reel the wire rope);
  • unlimited height of lift with fast and easy insertion of the appropriate length of wire rope;
  • long operating life of the wire rope which is coiled on a separate reeler, with less risk of injury.

Also, with the design of the SCAFOR, it is:

  • lightweight (11 kg);
  • compact (see drawing);
  • easy for testing and maintenance; and has,
  • long working life.


The self-gripping mechanism of the SCARFOR exerts a grip on the rope which is proportional to the load being lifted. The integrated safety  mechanism with the SCAFOR automatically locks onto the safety rope when there is no load on the lifting rope, or should there be a sudden
descent of the platform, then the centrifugal brake system comes into operation. In an emergency, there is the red lever which locks the jaws onto the safety rope.


Technical Specification:

Model 406C** 408C**
Lifting capacity kg 400 400
Effort on each handle for load of 250 kg kg 7 7
Weight of unit without rope kg 11 11
Rope travel for one complete cycle cm 7.5 7.5
Diameter of lifting rope / safety rope mm 6.5 8.4
Breaking strain of rope ± kg 3000 4800
No-load safety system   yes yes
Centrifugal brake system   yes yes

Dimensional Drawing of Scarfor

SCARFOR Dimensions

scafor O&M manual.pdf

Tractel Scarfor Operating Manual

Usage and technical data for use with Scarfor manriding hoist.
(approx. 0.1Mb)

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