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Tiger "SS12" Sub-sea (Underwater) Corrosion Resistant Chain Block Range from 500kg to 20,000kg

Model:  SS12 / TLSS-4196
Manufacturing Standard: BS EN 13157:2004, ASME B30.16-2007

Scb 0300 Head
Chain Hoist With Adaptor Fitting
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Hand chain hoist designed specifically for under-water (sub-sea) use, though also probably one of the safest chain hoists for heavy industrial use. Available with Optional Top and Bottom 'Adaptor' Fittings.

The Tiger "SS12 Sub-Sea Chain Hoist" is perfect for underwater use but can also be used above ground if needed, it comes with the added advantage of having been fully protected against corrosion using Tiger’s OCP “Organic Corrosion Protection” formula that gives over 1000 hours continuous protection under. ASTM B117 Salt spray conditions. The Hoist is manufactured to be lightweight and portable, with a rugged steel body and heat treated alloy hooks.

Can also be supplied Atex Approved.


  • Fully Corrosion protected body and components
  • Stainless steel fixings and fasteners
  • Over 1000 hours continuous protection
  • Corrosion protected load and handchain
  • Marine specific friction discs
  • Rugged steel body construction
  • Range from 500kg – 30,000kg
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Safe reliable twin pawl mechanical brake
  • Double cover protection for brake chamber
  • -40°C to +50°C Operating temperature range
  • Drop forged & heat treated alloy hooks
  • Guaranteed 2% light load protection
  • Heat treated alloy steel triple spur gears and pinion shaft
  • Individual spares readily available
  • Proof tested to 1.5 times rated capacity
  • Can be chained to any height of lift to meet your exact requirements
  • Marine chain bags available on request
  • Can be supplied with Various Top and Bottom fitting to suit your needs, see the 'Adaptor Fittings' tab above for further information.

The superb low head room allows for easy installation where every millimetre is precise. Using only the highest quality components expertly machined in fabrication, the SS12 is the ideal chain block for salt water use with less maintenence costs. These units meet and exceed all the requirements within BS EN 13157:2004 & ASME B30.16-2007.

The SS12 with OCP protection on all the internal parts including load and hand chains ensuring over 1000 hours continuous protection.

SS12 Chain Hoist Ss12 Chain Block

Double Cover Protection:

Both the hand chain wheel cover and the ratchet brake cover are designed to offer protection to the brake chamber in the harshest environments from foreign objects.

Safety Brake:

The highly efficient and fully corrosion protected twin pawl brake works instantly when the operation is stopped and securely holds the load. Loads are lowered under perfect control, allowing for precise operations. The SS12 easily passes the “brake lock out test” as per BS 3243:1990 with a 2% load of the rated capacity.  

Load Chains:

Tiger only use the highest quality alloy, calibrated load chains in Grade 80 (T) or 100 (V). These chains have been protected using OCP protection without any loss of mechanical performance. The SS12 comes as 3.0mtr HOL as standard but can be chained up to whatever length is required. Stainless steel load chain available on request for certain capacities.


Drop forged and heat treated alloy hooks are furnished with heavy duty latch kits that fully engage into the nose of the hook offering maximum load security. The swivel hooks are attached to the yoke using high grade nuts & bolts allowing for complete inspection during any statutory inspection or written scheme maintenance. Recessed forgings offer full protection to the load chain anchor bolts on all our bottom hooks. The entire hook fitting has been protected using OCP or Stainless steel fixtures and fittings.

SS 12 Hook

Marine Friction Discs:

Developed and designed for Subsea use creating a highly efficient, reliable braking surface for use in the most extreme conditions.


The SS12 is finished in our high quality white Akzo Nobel powder coat paint offering excellent additional corrosion protection. (Data sheets available on request)

High Performance Premium Grease:

Load carrying ability, mechanical stability, corrosion protection, water resistance and increased operating temperature ranges are all improved by the using only the very best lubricant.

Mechanical Efficiency:

All major components are heat treated and precisely machined to ensure long term smooth operation. High gear ratios keep physical effort to a minimum whilst complying to all the relevant standards.

Chain Carriers:

All our SS12 chain blocks are available with chain bags on request to fit the exact amount of chain specified.Designed to carry and hold the exact length of load chain required for the operation. Incorporating a stainless steel frame work and heavy duty PVC flexible bag reinforced by webbing with eyelet drain holes for an easy transfer through the splash zone. These chain bags prevent loose chain from getting snagged during lifting or lowering operations and protect any loose chain during transit to and from the operational site.

Proof Load Tests:

Every chain block is individually tested to 1.5 times the rated capacity and is light load tested with a maximum load of 2% of the rated capacity then certified stating the Capacity, Serial number, Height of lift with Working Load Limit (WLL), Proof Load (PL) and Light Load Test (LLT)

Overload Protection (load limiter):

As an option, the hoist can be supplied with overload protiection. If the chain block is fitted with a slipping clutch overload mechanism then it is protected from overload. When the load limit is exceeded, the clutch chain wheel will slip, allowing the hand wheel to be rotated whilst not engaging the gear box. This prevents furth lifting of the load, though lowering is still possible.


The SS12 has OCP protection on all the internal parts including load and hand chain ensuring over 1000 hours continuous protection.


The SS12 has undergone a full test programme that includes:

Type Testing

  • Ultimate strength test, at least 4 times the Working Load Limit (WLL).
  • Continuous cyclic testing of over 1500 cycles.
  • Chain end anchorage test, passing at least 2.5 times the WLL without any restriction of the brake or gears.

Test of every hoist

  • Proof loading at 1.5 times the rated capacity.
  • Light load testing at maximum of 2% rated capacity.




Ss12 Single 500kg To 3000kg Spec Drawing Ss12 Twin 3000kg Spec Drawing-jpg Ss12 5000kg Spec Drawing
500kg - 2000kg + 3000kg Single Fall 3000kg Twin Fall 5000kg
Ss12 10000kg Spec Drawing Ss12 20000kg Spec Drawing
10,000kg 20,000kg
Product Code Capacity(kg) Effort(kg) Dimensions(mm) Load Chain Standard HOL(m) Mass KG @ std HOL
A B D E F F1 G Diameter(mm) No. of Falls
SCB-0050 500 21 89 67 50 80 30 26 305 ø6.3 1 3 10.8
SCB-0100 1,000 25 89 67 63 87 33 28 340 ø6.3 1 3 12.0
SCB-0150 1,500 32 93 73 75 105 38 34 385 ø7.1 1 3 16.3
SCB-0200 2,000 34 98 77 85 115 43 38 420 ø8.0 1 3 20.6
SCB-0300 3,000 38 109 84 98 157 43 38 550 ø10.0 1 3 32.5
SCB-0500 5,000 37 98 77 120 210 57 52 575 ø8.0 3 3 39.0
SCB-1000 10,000 40 109 84 153 263 60 54 660 ø10.0 3 3 62.3
SCB-2000 20,000 43 160 90 140 350 90 70 1050 ø10.0 6 3 180.0

Tiger Adaptor Hoists are available with a drop-forged clevis adaptor allowing for the interchangeable range of EN1677 Tiger grade 100 clevis fittings.

This Tiger manufactured knuckle configuration gives 360° Rotation and 180° Pivot for maximum flexibility, whilst maintaining our 4:1 factor of safety at all angles.

  • Available for Tiger TCB14 / SS12 chain blocks and PROLH / SS11 / TLH lever hoists.
  • All fittings meet the standards of EN1677 grade 100 at 400°C tempering.
  • Drop forged adaptor for maximum strength certified 4:1 FOS at all angles.
  • Self-locking (safety) hook, clevis shackle, reevable egg (master) link or sling hook fitting available.
  • Overload protection available.
  • For lifting at angles (cross hauling/fleeting/drifting) with no deration.
  • Chain Blocks – 500kg – 10t capacity.
  • Lever Hoists – 800kg – 10t capacity.
Hoist Sling Hook

Adaptor Sling Hook
Hoist Safety Hooks

Safety Hooks
Hoist Main Ring

Reevable Egg Link
Hoist Clevis Shackle

Hoist Clevis Shackle

Adaptor Roation

Adaptor Hoist

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