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Telescopic Aluminium Ladder - Height Range 0.80m to 3.80m

Model:  TAL-1306

Telescopic Aluminium Ladder
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Aluminium Telescopic Ladders.

extendable aluminium telescopic ladder


The Xtend ladder is produced in anodised aluminium, this helps to keep the users hands clean by preventing the accumulation of dirt which occurs on non-anodised aluminium ladders, caused by surface oxidisation. The Xtend can be used for professional applications, and is also ideally suited to domestic use, and use in the garden.


  • Manufactured in accordance with the European Standard EN131
  • Patented to the US Standard, and has a 12 month guarantee.
  • The capacity of the Xtend is 150 kg; it has 13 rungs, spaced at 300 mm after 0.8 meters. With a base width of 490 mm and a top width of 450 mm the Xtend is user-friendly and easy to store, at only 11.5 kg it is light weight too!
  • This highly useable and versatile ladder can be used for many applications, both professional and domestic.
  • The Xtend can be extended from 0.8 - 3.8 meters making it an ideal solution for many tasks.
  • The 40mm rung width means the user can feel sturdy and secure whilst working at height.
  • The anti-slip PVC Feet are an important safety feature of this product. This strong and durable ladder is aluminium and has a thickness of 80 mm.

xtend telescopic ladder in closed position

The Xtend is easy to store and transport because it folds to a height of only 80 cm when closed! ladder closing buttons on svelt xtend The Xtend has a series of push buttons for closing, and is designed to prevent fingers being trapped. The ladder is pushed upwards to extend to the height needed (in the same way as a fishing rod), and is closed by pushing the safety buttons on each rung. The ladder closes rung by rung using gravity.

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