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Motorman Suspension Weigher for Cranes - Range from 150kg to 300kg

Model:  M-3379

Motorman Suspension Weigher For Cranes
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Autonomous hanging electronic weighting system.

Mkc N

Ideal for controlling the weight of materials entering or leaving your premises, for inventories, stock, weighing and order checking.


150kg, 200kg and 300kg


  • The hook suspension weigher can be moved to the load to be weighed rather than the moved load to a stationary scale which saves time and money.
  • It takes up no space, no installation necessary.
  • Convenient battery charger (when they run down change them for others available on the market).

Technical Data:

  • Precision +/- 0.1%
  • Electronic Dynamo-meter with no moving parts.
  • 16mm, high led red or liquid crystal display with 4 digit.
  • Battery 4 alkalis - external feeder 220v AC.
  • 24 hours battery powered (piles).
  • Operating temperature from -5C to +55C.
  • Breaking resistance 150% of the nominal capacity.
  • 3 minute automatic cut-off.
  • Stainless Steel casing.


  • On Off button.
  • Tare by front panel push button up to 100% of the nominal load.
  • Adding memory and tally counter.- Inner potentiometer for adjusting the nominal load.

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