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High Quality Stairway Scaffold Tower - 14.2m Max Working Height

Model:  SST-1293

High Quality Scaffold Tower.

This Scaffold Tower product range has been discontinued. Click to be redirected to our Aluminium Scaffold Tower range with various height options.

The Stairway Tower 5300 is the ideal scaffold for working both safely and ergonomically at height. The stairways are specially designed to give easy access to the tower and be highly user- friendly when working with tools or other equipment.

  • Platform length: 2.45m
  • Maximum working height: OUTSIDE 10.20m, INDOOR 14.20m.
  • Built in wind safety system with straps
  • The equal length braces, platforms, stabilizers and wheel legs are interchangeable between the single width (5100), and the double-width (5200) rolling towers
  • The maximum load for the entire tower is 750kg, with a maximum load per platform of 250kg
  • This tower is available with Fiber-Deck platforms and wooden platforms
  • Stairway provides users safe access to a large working space
  • The tower is equipped with walkthrough frame allowing easy access to working areas
  • The special stairway guardrail provides extra comfort and safety while climbing the tower

These strong and durable towers help towards compliance with both HSE Good Working Practice & Work at Height Regulations (WAHR) and have a long guarantee. A risk assessment must be carried out for each installation and the user must be competently trained.

Wind safety system with straps

Special stairway guardrail that prevents falling

The hook of the guardrail fits on every SELS platform

Walkthrough frame

Aluminium toe boards, quick assembly thanks to Easy-Lock system

Easy disassembly by only one person due to wind safety system with straps

Sturdy designed claws ensure proper functioning of the braces even when used roughly

Adjustable stabilizer with Easy-Lock

Wheels can easily be locked and released thanks to user-friendly brake pedals

Wooden platform





Unfortunately this product has been discontinued and/or is no longer available. Please contact us for details on possible alternative products.

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