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Portable Gantry Crane, Fully Adjustable Made To Customers Specification.

Model:  SGC-3119

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Special applications gantry, complete and fully adjustable gantry crane built to your specifications.

An extremely portable / mobile, free-standing crane system made from light weight aluminium and designed to be as adjustable as our customers require. Being built only to order the possibilities are endless. Totally potable and stable, the gantry crane does not need fixing to the floor when erected. The four leg design with rolling cross beam (horizontal lifting beam) allows maximum hook travel in all directions (north, east, south and west) to any position with-in the overall perimeter.

Crane Features

  • It is possible to reach all positions within the working area of the gantry.
  • Portable, knock down (modular) construction.
  • Safe working loads to customers specification
  • Twin lifting beam (cross beam ) for smooth operation and long spans.
  • Fully adjustable height, length and widths or fixed dimensions to customers specification
  • Necessitates a highly complex aluminium construction.
  • All crane components are extremely versatile with endless possibilities and are easily assembled and dis-assembled.
  • Can be supplied with Castor's fitted for re locating the crane (only when not under load)
  • Supplied with lifting equipment, hand chain hoist or electric chin hoist.
  • Contact our sales team with your requirements for advise and a quotation.

Images of Crane Features

Image shows the fully adjustable length features.
Image showing smooth adjustable width and adjustable height.
Image shows trolley front left and complete working area.
Trolley front left
Image showing trolley rear right and full working area.
Trolley rear right

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