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Ratchet Strap, Single Part, 25-75mm wide custom lengths - Range from 250kg to 5000kg MBS

Model:  MOPR-3664

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Single Part Ratchet Strap
Lashing Capacity (Breaking Force)
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Quality assured and flexible British manufactured one part ratchet strap lashing systems.

Single Part Ratchet Strap

Designed and manufactured cargo control equipment to the latest approved international standards. There is a broad range of systems available for a wide variety of restraint applications.

  • Flexible Systems
  • Quality Assured
  • Innovation
  • Engineering Excellence

Heavy-duty Applications

Used for restraining heavier loads such as machinery, metal work, concrete pipes.

Light-duty Applications

Used to retain loads such as motorcycles, suitcases, packing materials and many small loads

Curtain sided vehicle straps

Used for threading through the vehicle side material to strengthen and operate the curtain

Internal cargo restraint

Used within small vans to secure all types of loads to the side of the vehicle

Webbing specification: EN 12195-2:2001

EN 12195-2:2001 states that the webbing must be a minimum of x3 the LC of the system. e.g. 2.5t LC / 5.0t BF requires a webbing with a break strength of 7.5t. 5t systems are manufactured with a 7.5t webbing (with 5 stripes to indicate the system Break Force)

Ratchet specification: EN 12195-2:2001

EN 12195-2:2001 states that the ratchet used in the system must be tested over 100 cycles to the LC of the system. After the cycle test the ratchet should show no signs of wear and tear.

Traceability: EN 12195-2:2001

EN 12195-2:2001 states that all 'fixed' and 'adjustable' ends shall have an individual serial number so that it can be traced to the manufacturer. The systems have 'serial numbers' and 'date of manufacture' on all products.

Important Safety Guidelines:

  •  Never use a lashing as a lifting sling
  •  Never twist the webbing
  •  Damaged webbing could reduce the system strength by up to 75%
  •  ‘Repairing' webbing with knots could reduce the system strength by up to 75%

Lashing Capacity Table

System Lashing Capacity System break force Webbing width (mm) Webbing strength (kg)
0.25t 0.5t 25 1400
1.0t 2.0t 35 3000
2.0t 4.0t 50 6000
2.5t 5.0t 50 7500
5.0t 10t 75 15000

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