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Protecta "AG570/1" Single Sheave Height Safety Pulley with Moving / Rotating Aluminium Sides for Synthetic Ropes to Maximum Diameter 16mm

Model:  AG570/1 / SAP-2963

Protecta AG570/1 Single Sheave Height Safety Pulley with Moving Aluminium Sides
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Single Pulley with Movable Aluminium Side Plates For 11mm Rope.

The side cheeks on the single sheave pulley swivel to make fitting the rope easy, a karabiner through the suspension eyes then captivate the rope making it safe to use. This Protecta pulley wheel is our budget choice and is used to to deflect the angle of an 11mm synthetic rope or lifeline, often to gain mechanical advantage.

  • Polyamide Pulley and Aluminium Side Plates
  • Compatible with ropes of maximum 11mm Diameter
  • Weight: 80g
  • Breaking Strength is >26kN

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