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Sala Advanced "Basic Davit Arm" System With Fall Arrest And Rescue Options (Maximum 15 metre)

Model:  Advanced Basic Hoist System / SA-3564

Sala (UCL) Advanced Basic Hoist System
Sala (UCL) Advanced Basic Hoist System Side View
Rsq Self Rescue
Sealed Blok
Basic System No Hoist Basic Hoist Complete System RSQ Retrieval Block Sealed Retriever Blok
Basic Hoist Options
RSQ Retrieval Block
Sealed Retreival Block
Carry Bag for System
No Yes

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Highly efficient and economical confined space entry/retrieval alternative to a tripod.

Sala (UCL) Advanced Basic Hoist System Manriding The Advanced Basic Hoist is the most efficient and economical confined space entry/retrieval alternative to a tripod. This lightweight aluminum structure assembles and adjusts without tools.

The Advanced Basic Hoist features a collapsible base to reduce storage and transport space. A standard tie-off point provides a convenient 5000 lb. (2272 kg) anchor point for fall-arrest devices where required. All hardware is zinc plated for corrosion resistance.

NOTE: First-time setup requires some tools and assembly.
Maximum descent height 15 metre (cable length) and can be used with retriever block to facilitate fall arrest and rescue.
Sala (UCL) Advanced Basic Hoist System Dimensions

Basic HoistThe UCL Basic Series Winch holds up to 50 ft (15m) of 3/16" (5mm) diameter cable/rope. The Basic Series Winch comes in two different material types: Zinc Plated Steel or Stainless Steel. This winch comes with a Load Limiter Clutch to indicate a fall or misuse and requires annual re-certification from UCL.

This page offers cable/rope assemblies that can be fitted onto the Basic winches and combines the different mounting configurations as well as package part numbers for easy ordering of the winch and cable assembly that best suits your application.

Cable/Rope Description Actual Length Part Working Length
3/16" (5mm) Dia. Galvanized Steel 50' (15m) 15897 40' (12m)
3/16" (5mm) Dia. Stainless Steel 50' (15m) 16116 40' (12m)
3/16" (5mm) Dia. Technora Cord 50' (15m) 18683 40' (12m)

Basic Hoist/Winch Dimensions

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