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SALA "KD1 Talon" Single Leg Inertia Reel Personal Fall Limiter (PFL) with Polyester Webbing Lanyard (Many Karabiner Options) - 2.9m - 3.2 Metre

Model:  KD1TALON / SSR-3402

Model and Working Range
Atex Certified
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Connector Type (Will slightly affect working range)

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SALA "Talon" single leg lightweight webbing retractable "self retracting lifeline" (SRL) lifeline with working ranges from 2.9m to 3.2m. Complies to EN360

Single Leg “Talon” self retracting lifeline

The Sala TALON webbing self retracting lifeline is CE marked and conforming to the standard EN360.

SRL’s extend and retract automatically, allowing the user move and work within a recommended working area, at peek efficiency and comfortably at normal speeds.

The Talon is an extremely lightweight device weighing under 1.2 kg and it has an overall length of 3 metersor over depending on the connector used.

Available in 3 versions. The first version is supplied without connector, leaving the user to select a suitable connector from the SALA range of detachable connectors. The other 2 versions are supplied with scaffold hook KJ50645. One of which also incorporates a swivel between the Talon device and the scaffold hook, in order keep the webbing from twisting during work.

The Talon is equipped with a unique attachment system for direct connection the rear of a SALA harnesses via the webbing straps, thus leaving the fall arrest D ring available for other equipment, and keeping the Talon flat and secure on the users back.

Main features

  • Extremely lightweight device under 1.2 kg.
  • Overall length of 3 meters or over (depending on connector).
  • Available in 3 versions.
  • Compatible with connectors from the SALA range of detachable connectors.
  • Version available with incorporated swivel.
  • Unique direct attachment system for harnesses.

Dimensional DrawingApplications

Designed for fall arrest situations, working within a recommended working area.

  • Pole work.
  • Mast/tower work.
  • Scaffolding/steel work.
  • Structural steel.

Associated Products

This Self Retracting Lifeline must be used the following products:

  • An Anchorage system conforming to EN795.
  • A full body fall arrest harnesses conforming to EN361.
  • It may be use with either the front or rear fall arrest points.
  • A connector conforming to EN362.

Technical Specification

  • Housing – Injection moulded Nylon.
  • Drum – Glass filled nylon.
  • Internal components – Steel and Aluminium.
  • Lifeline – 19mm “Zylon” webbing – Minimum Breaking Strength 22kN.
  • Absorber – 45mm polyester/polyamide webbing.
  • Energy absorption system limits forces generated in a fall to <6kN.
  • Audible centrifugal ratchet blocking system.
  • Upper anchorage point – Steel with Zinc plated with yellow passivation.
  • Length – 440mm.
  • Width – 100mm.
  • Height – 57mm.
  • Individual serially numbered.
  • Conforms to standard – EN360.
  • System breaking strength >15KN.


Reference Working Range Net Weight Connector
2.9m 1.13kg Not supplied
3.1m 1.38kg KJ50645
3.2m 1.52kg KJ50645 +swivel

Connector Types for Suit KD1TALONNH


Connector Image KJ5105S
 KJ5107  KJ5024  KJ5106  KJ5108 KJ50645
Reference KJ5105S KJ5107 KJ5024 KJ5106 KJ5108 KJ50645
Type Screw Gate
Screw Gate
Twist Lock
Twist Lock
Twist Lock
Double Action
Scaffold Hook
Opening 17mm 20mm 21mm 33mm 50mm 60mm
Material Steel Steel Aluminium Steel Steel Aluminium
Resistance 22kN 50kN 25kN 45kN 30kN 25KN


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