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Sala First-Man-Up Assisted Rescue Tool, 4.8m for use with Sala 'Ultra-Lok' RSQ Self Retracting Lifeline's

Model:  SFAR-4711

3500202 Sala Rescue Poletool
 3500102 - Sala First Man Up Assisted 4.8m Rescue Tool



Part N° Description Weight (kg) Guide Price Quantity
First-Man-Up 4.8m pole with rescue for Sala 'Ultra-Lok' RSQ SRL 2.00 £  356.00
Rescue fork tool only for Sala 'Ultra-Lok' RSQ SRL 0.30 £  106.00
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First Man Up 4.8m Rescue pole with rescue tool for Sala Ultra Lok RSQ SRL

The Sala Sealed-Blok family has the most comprehensive line of sealed SRL's (Self Retracting Lifeline's) in the industry and decades of proven field service in the toughest environments.

This extendable rescue pole supplied with the 'Tool Fork' allows a rescuer to engage the Sala 'Sealed-Blok' SRL into descent mode, lowering the suspended casualty to the floor at a safe speed, from a position where the mode cannot be activated by hand,

Important Note: This tool / fork can be used with Sala 'Ultra-Lok' SRL's ONLY and NOT for the Sala 'Sealed-Blok' SRL's - for which a different tool / fork is required (3500202 / 3500200).

3500202 Sala First Man Up Assisted Rescue Tool
3500100 Sala Rescue Tool For Ultra Lok


Rescue Options (RSQ models only)

Sala Rsq Fall Arrest Mode
Exclusive design provides both fall arrest with assisted rescue capabilities and automatic self rescue for ultimate versatility.

• Built-in Rescue Device becomes an integral part of a Rescue Plan
• Standard fall arrest mode
• Automatic rescue mode
• Remote/Assisted activation

Fall Arrest Mode / Assisted Rescue
A speed sensing brake stops the fall, reduces forces imposed on the user to safe levels of 6kN or less and allows for assisted rescue to take place.
Automatic Rescue Mode / Self Rescue Descent
A speed sensing brake slows the fall, then instantly a centrifugal brake activates, lowering the user at a controlled speed to the next level or ground.

Assisted rescue options 'engage; the descent mode.

Traditional assisted rescue operations may also be conducted.

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