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Sala "Exofit Nex" Fall Arrest Harness with Rear and Front 'D' Rings. Optional Work Positioning Belt

Model:  Exofit Nex / SENH-3224

Exofit NEX Climbers Harness
Exofit NEX Construction/Climbers Harness
SALA Exo-Fit Nex Climbers Harness

SALA Exo-Fit Nex Construction/Climbing


Harness Type
Part N° Size Weight (kg) Unit Price Quantity
Small 1.86 £  268.00
Medium 1.91 £  268.00
Large 1.95 £  268.00
X-Large 2.00 £  268.00
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Exofit Nex 2 point comfort and safety harness with optional work positioning belt, vertical torso adjusters, carrying pocket, and quick connect buckles to EN361 (& EN358 when with positioning belt).

Sala Exofit Nex Harness

The Exofit Nex harness is the next generation of full body harness, featuring added comfort, functionality and durability. Although many in the industry see sala harnesses as having no equal, Sala continue to improve, refine and innovate. If there’s a stronger, lighter material, Sala want to introduce it.

If there’s a better method for producing a stronger, more comfortable harness, we want to develop it. ExoFit NEX harnesses represent the culmination of extensive research, and the implementation of new designs using the latest breakthrough materials. Rest assured, when you purchase an ExoFit NEX™ harness, you can be confident that you are purchasing a harness of the highest quality.


Equipment designed for safety doesn’t have to be uncomfortable.

True to that principle, we manufacture harnesses using materials that won’t add unnecessary weight. We add moisture resistant padding wherever appropriate to keep you dry and cool all day.

And because we also believe that the harness should in no way interfere with or distract wearers from performing their jobs, we implement critical adjustment features that enable a perfect fit.


In today’s workplace, where speed and efficiency are project requirements, the purchase of an ExoFit NEX™ harness is as an investment in productivity.

The perfect harness gives workers the freedom and confidence to function to their maximum. Innovative safety devices and groundbreaking design features - such as Integrated Suspension Relief Straps sewn into the harness, Duo-Lok™ quick-connect buckles, and a covered pocket with elastic sides to store personal items – permit wearers to work smart, fast and safe.


Manufactured items - even of the highest quality - will lose their ability to perform over time.

ExoFit NEX™ harnesses aim to challenge this conventional thinking.

Designed using materials of lasting strength, including Repel Technology webbing and Tech-Lite D-rings made from aircraft aluminum, ExoFit NEX™ harnesses can withstand the most severe demands day in, day out. They are built to perform to the highest standards in the harshest environments.


Covered Labels & i-Safe™
A velcro® cover protects the labels and positions them in an easy-to-access location.
Revolver™ Vertical Torso Adjusters
Simple and fast adjustment that eliminates loose ends and locks into place preventing slippage.
Hybrid Comfort Padding
Lightweight, moisture wicking,
and breathable padding won’t
move or slip, keeping the wearer
comfortable at all times.
Duo-Lok™ Quick Connect Buckles
Lightweight one-handed use with memory-fit web-lock ensures fast, non-slipping connections.
Moulded Lanyard Keepers
Easy storage of connectors, that pop open to avoid snagging hazards.
Built-In Carrying Pocket
Conveniently holds and protects
a cell phone, camera, or other
Tech-Lite™ Aluminum D-rings
Extremely lightweight alloy
commonly used in military and
aerospace offers a higher level of security and comfort.
140kg Capacity
Large capacity adds to tool carrying options and jobsite flexibility.
Ultra-Soft Edging
Moves with you - doesn’t
rub or chafe.

Features Continued

Rigid Shoulder Caps
Provide protection and
unparalleled comfort when
carrying heavy materials and
Reflective Material
For greater visibility in dark and
dangerous environments, reflective material is integrated on legs, chest, shoulders and back.
Repel Technology Webbing
Water repellent to reduce attraction of mould and dirt - also has up to 5 times more abrasion resistance.
Integrated Suspension Relief Straps
Provide an adjustable continuous loop for post fall, allows the release of pressure, and the movement of the legs, thus increasing natural blood flow.
Superior X-Design
Based on a single piece of material in the shape of an “X” that wraps around the wearer for the ultimate in comfort, security and no-tangle donning.
Stand-Up Dorsal D-ring
Patented spring-loaded design automatically stands-up ensuring fast, easy and safe connections to your fall arrest system.
Impact Indicator
Rip-stitch indicator allows the user to quickly and easily inspect the harness for impact loading.
Rigid Hip Padding Loops
Prevents equipment pouches from sagging and reduces abrasion in vulnerable areas.

Patents Pending

Size Information

Exofit NEX Climbers HarnessExoFit NEX™ Climbing Harness
Tech-Lite™ front and back D-rings, Duo-Lok™ quick connect buckles.
Size Part n° Weight (kg)
Small 1113900 1.860
Medium 1113901 1.905
Large 1113902 1.950
X-Large 1113903 1.995
Exofit NEX Construction/Climbers HarnessExoFit NEX™ Construction/Climbing  Harness
Tech-Lite™ front, back and side D-rings, Duo-Lok™ quick connect buckles and sewn-in hip pad and body belt.
Size Part n° Weight (kg)
Small 1113910 2.75
Medium 1113911 2.81
Large 1113912 2.86
X-Large 1113913 2.92
Full Body Harness Sizing Chart


  • Repel Technology Webbing: Material - Polyester, Width = 45mm, Tensile Strength - 26.7kN, Treatment - Nanosphere.
  • Hybrid Comfort Padding: Shoulder/Back, Hip, Leg, Chest, Materials (where applicable) - Nylon & Polyester, Nylon 6-6 (belt loops), TPU (shoulder caps), Dri-Lex® Aerospace Mesh, EVA Foam, 3M Scotchlite® Reflective.
  • Duo-Lok™ Quick Connect Buckle: Materials - 7075 & 6061 Aluminum Alloy, Stainless Steel per ASTM A240, Alloy Steel SAE AMS 6350 (zinc plated finish), Tensile Strength: 17.8kN.
  • Revolver™ Vertical Torso Adjustor: Materials -  Alloy Steel AISI 4140 (zinc plated finish), Stainless Steel, Nylon 6-6, Tensile Strength - 17.8kN.
  • Tech-Lite™ D-rings: Material: 7075 Aluminum Alloy, Tensile Strength : 22.2kN.
  • Labels: Material - Vinyl.
  • Thread: Material - High Strength Polyester.
  • Suspension Relief Straps: Material - Case - EVA Foam, Straps & Thread - Nylon.


  • Capacity: One user - 140kg.
  • Maximum Arresting Force: 6kN MAF.


CE EN361 Full Body Fall Arrest Harness, CE EN361 Work Positioning Belt (on applicable models), ANSI Z359, OSHA, ANSI Z359.3 and Z359.4 (on applicable models), ANZI A10.32-2004 (on applicable models).

Frequently Asked Questions

ExoFit NEX™ Harness

1) Is the Duo-Lok™ quick connect buckle safe if I don't lock the 1800 turn knob into place?
Yes, the web locking mechanism on the QC buckles is to fix the adjustment where you want it. The harnesses are tested in the locked and the unlocked position; either way it has no affect on the performance or overall safety in a fall.

2) Will the original ExoFit™ and ExoFit™ XP continue to be sold?
Yes for the near future you can continue to purchase ExoFit, and ExoFit XP. We must develop an entire line of harnesses and evaluate the marketplace before making any decisions with ExoFit or ExoFit XP. We will continue to evaluate our entire ExoFit family and will keep our sales team and distributors well informed of any future changes.

3) Can I wash my ExoFit NEXTM?
Yes, please follow the instructions called out in the ExoFit NEX manual for washing.

4) Will washing remove the Repel Technology?
In testing the Repel Technology the webbing group washed a hamess 10 times without any affect on the repel webbing's performance. After 10 wash cycles you may begin to see degradation of the webbing's water shedding capability.

5) Can I attach a Talon directly to the ExoFit NEXTM?
Yes absolutely, the unique Talon connection is perfectly adapted for direct connection to the rear of the ExoFit NEX.

6) Are the Tech-Lite™ aluminium alloy D-rings as strong as steel?
Yes, the Tech-Lite d-rings meet all the same standards and strength tests as the forged steel d-rings used on other DBI-SALA harnesses. The aluminium alloy material in the Tech-Lite d-rings is also used in aerospace, military, and sporting applications.

7) What does NEX mean?
It's a contraction for Next Generation harness!

8) Does NEX come with i-Safe™?
Yes i-Safe™ is an integral part of the NEX harness.

9) What if the Revolver™ adjusters are on their maximum or minimum size adjustment?
No problem at all, the torso adjusting mechanism have been tested in all positions, performance of the harness is not affected.

10) When will the new ExoFit NEXTM range of harnesses be available?
The European CE models are available in the Europe from January 2010.

11) Is the ExoFit NEXTM available in other versions?
For the time being the models available through the initial launch are the only styles available. However, these styles are open to customization. We plan to introduce other styles of NEX including a Wind Energy model, but plan to spend time developing these models in detail so we can offer the absolute best harness solution to these users. We do not currently have a timeline for these models but will keep our sales team and distribution up to date.

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