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SALA Rollgliss "R250" Industrial Working at Height Rescue Kit - Rope Lengths 10, 20, 30 and 50 Metre

Model:  SALA R250 / R2RK-2802

Sala Rollgliss R250 Industrial Working At Height Rscue Kit
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SALA Rollgliss R250 Rescue Kit, 10m, 20m, 30m and 50m Rope Lengths with 5m Telescopic Rescue Pole.

Immediate Worker Assistance.

Someone who remains suspended after a fall risks serious injuries linked to his/her static suspended position, and these can lead to death after a few hours. The portable Rollgliss Rescue Kit is a universal solution and ideal for maintenance work and use on building sites or by groups of people working at height.

Ease of use.

The Rollgliss Rescue Kit can be used by anyone who is working at height and does not require any particular rescue skills. You simply find an anchorage point on the structure that is at a maximum of 4.5 m from the person to be rescued. The kit contains a small number of pre-assembled pieces and rescues can be completed in a few simple steps :

  • Installation of the system.
  • Connection to the worker using the telescopic rod.
  • Gentle elevation of the worker using the rigging system.
  • Disconnection of the worker and controlled descent.

Rollgliss Rescue Kit Components

  1. Main rope : in 11 mm nylon.
  2. Recovery Hook : aluminium, 60 mm gate.
  3. R250 Descender : with anti-panic handle that blocks with the handle is moved to its full extent in either direction.
  4. Telescopic Rod : 5 m.
  5. Anchorage Rig with Protection System.
  6. Rigging System : ability to raise worker and disconnect the fall-arrest equipment.


Specifications :

  • Usage Limits - Evacuation and rescue of a worker maximum 150 kg.
  • Total Weight - 8 kg.
  • Cord - High strength, 100% Polyester.
  • Rope - 11 mm nylon breaking strength > 2200 daN.

Available in three different rope lengths:

  • 10 meters - AG62501010
  • 20 meters - AG62501020
  • 30 meters - AG62501030

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