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Ridgegear "RGEMA1" Mobile Deadweight Anchorage Fall Arrest System

Model:  RGEMA1 / RMDA-3677

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Ridgegear RGEMA1 Mobile Deadweight Anchorage Fall Arrest System
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Ridgegear anchor system is a mobile, dead weight anchor device for use on roofs up to 5 degree pitch.

Mobile Deadweight Anchor

The Weight anchor system has been designed and tested to meet the requirements of EN 795 Class E Dead-weight Anchor devices. It is intended for single person use, maximum attached weight including all tools and clothing 100 kg, in conjunction with suitable P.P.E. such as fixed or retractable Lanyards. Depending upon which P.P.E, is used the system will either form part of a Fall Restraint or Fall Arrest system.

The system is made up of components which go together to form the assembly as shown in the diagram above. The Weight anchor is dispatched to site in kit form for assembly on site in the appropriate position. The Weight anchor system is made up of Four Steel Weights which are encased in rubber and have profiled rubber cups on the underside.

Subsequent Galvanised Steel Weights are placed on top of these. The Mobile, Fall Arrest Man Anchor System weights are connected together with a steel framework as shown.

Total Weight of a Six Weight unit is 250 Kg. It is the duty of the user to ensure that the supporting structure is capable of withstanding the imposed pressure from the system.

The site position must allow a clear distance of not less than 2.5m from the edge of a roof or open void to the closest point of the Weight anchor Unit and the risk of water accumulation is not present.

The Weight anchor cannot be used if the site conditions are subjected to frost or snow coverage. The Weight anchor is not intended for use as an attachment point for rope or abseiling equipment or for attaching Horizontal line systems. Specific versions are available for these purposes.


  • Material: Galvanised steel
  • Fittings: 25kg weights
  • Weight: 250kg
  • Features: easy load weight system
  • Special Features: Base weights are rubber coated Ease of use, Does not penetrate the roof surface. Base weights fully encased in rubber molding, with 10 year guarantee Raised central pedestal reduces the distance of travel during a fall arrest event.

RGEMA1 Specifcations

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