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Miller "RG10" Emergency Evacuation Descender - Rope Lengths 75 to 300 Metre

Model:  Miller RG10 / REK-2598

Miller Emergency Evacuation & Self Rescue Descender RG10 Automatic Descender up to 300m. Complies with EN341.

This unit is being replaced by a newer range of descenders, please click one of the following models:

Rescue Descender, Evacuation Descender.


  • Suitable for evacuation or lowering a casualty unaccompanied to the ground.
  • This ready to use evacuation kit complies to EN341 and contains:
  • RG10 automatic self descender - maximum descent speed 0.8m/s, can be manually slowed by the rescuer.
  • 75m to 300m rope with karabiner, shorter lengths available on request.
  • Optional Anchorage sling (1.2 m).
  • Practical and waterproof storage bag.
  • Quick, simple and excellent value for money
  • This unit can be used to rescue a casualty, controlling the speed of descent. However there is no facility to raise a casualty
Operating Procedure:
  • Connect top karabiner to an anchorage point overhead, giving un-obstructed path to the dropzone
  • Connect bottom karabiner to the harness
  • Step over the falling edge, your descent will be controlled
  • Disconnect and move to a safe position
  • Please Note: Multiple persons can evacuate with one device, as one person is lowered, the opposite end of the rope raises, which also has a karabiner connection. Procedure is then repeated as above as many times as needed.
Optional Extras:
  • Option Included for a ropebag, black as standard, not yellow as per the image, manufactured from heavy duty topspan with carry strip and captive clip.
  • We have also included the option for an anchorage sling
  • More Products can be added to to this kit to enhance the suitability to your industry an suit your individual needs and requirements, please contact us for further information.
RG10 with Rope Model Numbers:
Model No Rope Length   Model No Rope Length
1016382 75m   1016387 200m
1016383 100m   1016388 225m
1016384 125m   1016389 250m
1016385 150m   1016390 275m
1016386 175m   1016391 300m
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Unfortunately this product has been discontinued and/or is no longer available. Please contact us for details on possible alternative products.

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