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Ridgegear "RGR8" Reciprocating Emergency Evacuation Descender - Rope Length to 100 Metre

Model:  RD-3755

Reciprocating Descender
Reciprocating Descender
Ridgegear RGR8 Reciprocating Descender Ridgeear RGR8 Reciprocating Descender with Rope upto 100m

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Reciprocating evacuation descender allows for multiple emergency evacuation from height at a controlled rate.

The new RGR8 Reciprocating Evacuation Descender allows for multiple emergency evacuation from height at a controlled rate.

Lightweight and easy to carry to the descent area. The rgr8 is supplied with rope measured to the exact height of descent, (up to a height of 100m.) The rope is supplied with two spliced eyes which can be fitted to either a rescue loop or a harness.

As the first person is lowered the other harness automatically comes to the top ready for the next person to descend.

The unit can be supplied with various accessories to suit your exact requirements.

We can also fit a combination wire / fibre rope which is a requirement for certain offshore installations.

Proper training by a competent person in the use of this equipment is a requirement of the 2007 height safety regulations.


  • Accredited to: EN341 approved by Satra.
  • Material: Casing moulded from a high strength polymer proof tested to 1200kg.
  • Weight: 2.95kg.
  • Features: Suitable for persons up to 150kg.
  • Descent rate; 1.5m second with shock load.
  • Descent rope diameter: 9mm (available upto 100 metres)

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