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Freespooling Electric Winch - 1000kg

Model:  PALW-1167

Freespooling Electric Winch
Safe Working Load
Wire Rope
 Skid Frame  (£ 246.75 ) 
 Low Voltage Controls  (£ 969.35 ) 
 Radio remote & Emergency stop  (£ 348.00 ) 
 Mounting Plate  (£ 187.80 ) 
 Roller Guide  (£ 50.00 ) 
 Tension Roller (Fit to mount plate only)  (£ 116.00 ) 

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Guide Price £ 1529.00  
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AC Pulling and Lifting Winches with Freespool.

Pulling winch with freespool

110V 0R 240V x 1ph / 415V x 3ph AC

Features include

  • Freespool Clutch
  • (Enables rapid unspooling of wire rope)
  • Low voltage controls as standard on 415v x 3ph model
  • Mounting plate
  • Roller fairleads
  • Wire rope
  • 3m pendant control
  • Integral automatic brake
  • Motor to IP54 as standard
  • Low voltage (24v) pendant control supplied as standard on 3ph model. As an option for 1ph models


Low voltage controls on 240v including 3m pendant with radio remote

Radio remote control

Mounting Plate

Roller Guide

Tension roller

Skid Frame

Special machines can be built to meet customers' specific requirements


These winches must not be used for the movement of personnel


Each new winch is guaranteed against defects in workmanship and material defects for a period of twelve months from date of purchase.

For more information, please call our sales team on 01977 684 600

Model Voltage Capacity (SWL) Gross Weight (kg) Standard Working Length (m) Output  Wire Rope Dia. x Length
1167-181683 110v (1ph) 1000kg 48 30 1.5kw / 24amp 7mm x 40m
1167-181684 240v (1ph) 1000kg 48 30 1.5kw / 12amp 7mm x 40m
1167-181685 415v (3ph) 1000kg 48 30 1.5lw / 4.5amp 7mm x 40m


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