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Pfaff Static "HTA-D" Electric Lift Table - 1000kg to 3000kg Lifting Capacities, 1500mm - 1800mm Lifting Height (6 Options)

Model:  HTA-D / PP-3209

Pfaff Proline HTA-D lifting table
pfaff proline hta lifting table
Pfaff Proline HTA-D lifting table Pfaff Proline HTA-D lifting table Packed
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Pfaff Silberblau TWINLIFT HTA-D Proline lifting table.

Pfaff Proline HTA-D lifting table

Unfortuantely the HTA-D has been discontinued. Please see our range of scissor lift tables or contact us for a possible alternative.

The robust twin-scissors design of this especially compact lifting table offers double lift height with the same platform dimensions. This design feature is of special importance when space is tight - as in plant engineering, the automotive industry or power plant construction. Take advantage of long, permanent operating times with a maximum of 40 operating cycles and motor startups per hour in one-shift operation. An integrated  overload protection by means of a pressure control valve, a lowering-speed brake valve and an upper limit switch are all supplied as standard with the HTA-D PROLINE, which can lift up to 3 metric tons.

Lifting Table Specifications:


 Pfaff Proline HTA-D lifting table dims Lifting capacity (kg) Lift (H) m Platform (L x B) m Closed height (C) mm Lifting time (sec) Motor power (kW) Weight (kg)
1000 kg 1.5 1.25 x 0.8 350 30 1.1 480
1000 kg 1.8 1.50 x 0.8 400 36 1.1 580
2000 kg 1.5 1.25 x 0.8 400 30 2.2 490
2000 kg 1.8 1.50 x 0.8 450 36 2.2 600
3000 kg 1.5 1.25 x 0.8 450 35 2.2 520
3000 kg 1.8 1.50 x 0.8 450 40 2.2 650

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