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Pfaff Silverline Weighing Pallet Truck with Scales, Forks 570mm x 1150mm - 2000kg,

Model:  PP-3171

Pfaff SILVERLINE pallet truck with scales
Pfaff Silverline Weighing Pallet Truck with Scales
Part N° Model Capacity (kg) Unit Price Quantity
3171-T20526 HU W-20 S 2000kg £  1431.00
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Pfaff-Silberblau HU W-20 S pallet truck with scales.

Pfaff SILVERLINE pallet truck with scales

Sometimes knowing the weight is of great importance – for example at stock receipts, commissioning or dispatch. Especially with these metering or filling processes the professional pallet truck with integrated high-tech scale-system saves time and money.

These are the points you can rely on:
Weighing accuracy +/- 0,5 %, very clear and visible scale screen (display: 200 g steps), and a malfunction indication. The scale is delivered perfectly calibrated including battery and battery charger. And of course it comes with the same qualities of our SILVERLINE pallet trucks that you have come to appreciate.

Pallet truck specifications

Dimensional Diagram Type Dimensions HU W-20 S
Pfaff SILVERLINE with Scales Dimensions Diagram Lifting capacity in tonnes   2.0
Steering-/load wheels*   *PUR / PUR
Wheel size front in mm   180 x 50
Load wheel size rear in mm   82 x 70
Number of wheels front/rear   2 / 4
Lifting height in mm 115
Load center in mm c 600
Height of steering handle in mm h14 1200
Height when lowered in mm  h¹³ 85
Total length in mm 1535
Fork length in mm  l 1190
Fork width in mm  e 175
Fork height in mm  s 45
Carrying fork width in mm  b¹ 560
Clear width in mm  b³ 210
Floor/ground clearance in mm 45
Aisle width for euro pallets in mm  Ast 1815
Turning radius in mm  Wa 1330
Weight in kg   149

* Polyurethane (PUR)


Pfaff Silberblau HUW 20 S

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