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Pfaff Proline 4 way pallet truck. Forks 540mm x 1150mm - 2000kg (max) (1 Option)

Model:  HU 20-115 4DP / PP-3166

Part N° Model Lifting capacity (kg) Unit Price Quantity
HU 20-115 4DP 1500** / 2000 kg Quote Required
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Pfaff-Silberblau pallet truck with traverse motion - 4 way.

Unfortunately this item has been discontinued and is no longer available. Click to be redirect to our full range of pallet trucks, or contact us to find a suitable alternative.

Pfaff proline 4 way pallet truck

It has always been the question of how to ensure the safe transport of long and heavy loads in narrow rooms and spaces. Here is our answer: By means of a clever construction an ordinary hand pallet truck with a load capacity of 2000kg can be changed into a space-saving transverse motion truck. To operate it is only necessary to lift the fork up to 180mm, turn the shaft by 90° and lock it with the integrated bolt. Important: When the shaft is fixed in transverse position the load capacity will be reduced to 1500kg. The standard model is equipped with rubber steering wheels and load wheels made of polyurethane.

Pallet Specifications

Dimensions Type  Dimensions HU 20-115 4DP
Pfaff proline 4 way pallet truck Lifting capacity in t   1.5**/2.0
Fork length in mm l 1150
Carrying fork width in mm 540
Fork width in mm e 160
Height when lowered in mm h¹³ 85
Lifting height in mm 115
Height of steering handle in mm h14 1200
Wheel size front in mm   200x50
Load wheel size rear in mm   82x70
Weight in kg   84

** at transverse motion


Pfaff SIlberblau Documentation.

Operating, safety and service instructions.
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