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Miller "MD07" Short Restraint Polyamide Rope Lanyard with Galvanised Connector, 0.3m Length

Model:  Miller MD07 / MSRP-3908

Miller MD07 Rope Lanyard
Miller MD07 Polyamide Rope Lanyard
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Miller 12mm Polyamide Rope Lanyard for use with MicroLoc Rope Grab, Complies to EN354.

Miller MD07 Rope Lanyard

 Lightweight, versatile restraint and fall arrest lanyards are designed for maximum protection.

Adapted rope for work requiring limited movement, or where there is a sufficient potential fall distance.

Rope Lanyard

  • Length : 0.3m
  • Weight : 0.270kg
  • Breaking Strength : >22kN
  • Operating Temperature : -30°C to +50°C
  • Rope Raw Material : Polyamide
  • Width : 12mm
  • Breaking Strength : >2500daN

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