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Miller "ME05" Twin Leg Fall Arrest Lanyard with Scaffold Hooks - 2 Metre

Model:  Miller ME05 / M2TLL-3261

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Miller ME05 Twin Leg Lanyard with Scaffold Hooks
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2m double leg webbing lanyard with energy absorber, 1 karabiner and 2 scaffold hook end fittings.

1004590-ME05 forked webbing lanyard
2 Scaffold Hooks and Karabiner
Harness user instructions Obsolescence

Lanyard Features

  • Perfectly adapted to pole climbing since it allows the user to ascend while being connected at all times.
  • Compact, light-weight shock-absorber incresases ease and comfort of use.
  • It offers the advantages of a shock-absorbing lanyard with an anchorage connector in one product.
  • Single connecting karabiner and 2 anchorage scaff hook attachment points.

Technical Information

  • EC Category PPE: Class 3.
  • Standards: EN355.
  • European Directives: 89/686/EEC.
  • Quality Assurance: ISO 9001 / 2000.
  • EC Certification Number: 333.
  • EC Attestation Number: 0082/042/160/06/98/0089.
  • Laboratory: APAVE Lyonnaise.

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