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Miller "Indy, Pro Allp"- Manual Evacuation Rescue Kits with Many Optional Accessories.

Model:  Miller INDY / MEK-2165

Indy Manual Descender Pro Allp Manual Descender Rescue Triangle 1.5m Anchorage Sling Rope Bag
Descender Type
Rescue Triangle
1.5m Anchorage Sling ?
Rope Length ?
Black Rope Bag ?

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INDY or ProAllp Descender Evacuation Kit for One or Two Persons up to 200m. Complies to EN341 or EN12841/C.

Kit Features:

  • Suitable for evacuation from height using a manual descender.
  • This ready to use rescue kit complies to EN341 or EN12841/C and contains:
  • INDY Manual Descender for one person OR ProAlp Manual Descender for 2 people.
  • Up to 200m Rope Height.
  • Anchorage sling (1.2m) Supplied as standard
  • Rope Bag Supplied as Standard (may differ from advertised)
  • Quick, simple and excellent value for money

Operating Procedure:

  • (to be updated, please call +44 (0) 1977 684 600 for further information.)

Optional Extras:

  • Rescue Triangle/ Nappy, for if the worker is not wearing a harness
  • More Products can be added to to this kit to enhance the suitability to your industry and suit your individual needs and requirements, please contact us for further information.
In This Kit...
For One Person...


One or Two People...
INDY Manual Descender ProAlp Manual Descender
INDY Manual Descender
Model: 1004523
Pro Allp Manual Descender
Model: 1007057
Rescue Triangle / Nappy
1.5m Anchorage Webbing Sling Rope Bag
Rescue Triangle / Nappy
Optional Extra
In the event the workers have no harness
1.5m Anchorage Sling
Supplied As Standard
Model: 1002919
Rope Bag (Black as Standard)
Supplied As Standard
Model: 1010195, 1010194

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