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SALA "R350" Manriding & Rescue Hoist. SWL 250kg (2 Persons) Lifting Ratios 1:1 - 5:1. Synthetic Rope Lengths (HOL) to 66 Metre

Model:  Sala R350 / MRW-2804

Different Mechanical Advantages
Sala R350 Manriding and Rescue Hoist
Mechanical Advantage Ratio
Rope Length Supplied / Usable Working Length ?
Accessories ?
 1.35m - 2.35m Adjustable Height Tripod
 Winch with Brake

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SALA R350 Manriding and Rescue Winch with optional mechanical advantage to suit customers application.

Interchangable Pulley Systems

Rollgliss R350 Rescue System for rescuing individuals from heights and depths.

The DBI/SALA Rollgliss R350 is designed to be a component of a rescue or personnel riding system. This equipment is used for applications where personnel need to be raised or lowered over a vertical distance. The maximum working load for this equipment is 150kg for one (1) person and 250kg for two (2) persons. The system is available with a 1:1 up to a 5:1 lifting ratio.

The Rollgliss R350 product range is a modular safety and rescue system made up of individual components. According to the respective applications, the following systems can be assembled:


1:1 Ratio 2:1 Ratio 3:1 Ratio 5:1 Ratio


If individuals have to be pulled up, appropriate pulleys can be used to reduce the ascending or descending forces upon the rope. See the Mechanical Advantages tab (above) for further information.

The R350 is also available with an optional tripod and winch, for confined space rescue. It is also available with Rope Ascenders and Footloops to aid with pulling the rope through the block.

Man Riding (Work Positioning) Application

In this application, the Rollgliss R350 is used for vertically positioning a worker. Such systems typically include a full body harness, boatswain's chair or workseat, independent personal fall protection system, and the Rollgliss R350. See Figure 1.

Rescue Applications

In this application, the Rollgliss R350 is used as part of a complete rescue system to rescue individuals from heights and depths or provide protection/rescue to persons trapped in confined spaces (shafts, tanks, chimneys, etc.) Such systems typically include a full body harness or rescue sling, anchorage connector (i.e. carabiner, etc.) and the Rollgliss R350. See Figure 2.

Man-Riding (Figure 1) Rescue (Figure 2)
R350 1:1 2:1 3:1 5:1
Descending 1 Person, Max 150kg 1-2 Persons, Max 250kg 1-2 Persons, Max 250kg 1-2 Persons, Max 250kg
Ascending - 1 Person, Max 150kg 1 Person, Max 150kg 1-2 Persons, Max 250kg
Reccomendation for Use Descend 1 Person Descend 2 Persons Descend and Ascend 1 Person Descend and Ascend 2 Persons

r350 reccomended uses


1:1 Ratio 2:1 Ratio 3:1 Ratio 5:1 Ratio

Warnings/ Limitations

The following application limitations must be recognized and considered before using this product:


Do not leave this equipment for long periods in environments where corrosion of metal parts could take place as a result of vapors rising into the atmosphere from organic materials. Caution should be exercised when working around sewage or fertilizer because of their high concentration of ammonia, which is very corrosive. Use near sea water or other corrosive environments may require more frequent inspections or servicing to assure corrosion damage is not affecting the performance of the product.

Chemical Hazards

Solutions containing acids, alkali or other caustic chemicals, particularly at elevated temperatures, may damage DBI/SALA’s Rollgliss R350. When working with such chemicals, frequent inspection of the entire Rollgliss R350 must be completed. Consult DBI/SALA if doubt exists concerning using this equipment around chemical hazards.


In general, Rollgliss R350 equipment is not intended for use in environments where incendiary sparking could cause an explosion or fire. Use of this equipment is prohibited where there exists the possibility of the rope coming into contact with power lines, live cables, etc. The normal operating temperature range is from 130° F (54° C) to -40° F (-40° C).


The Rollgliss R350 is designed for use by persons with a combined weight (person, clothing, tools, etc.) of 150kg maximum. At no time shall more than one person connect to a single Rollgliss R350 for personnel riding or work positioning applications. In emergency, rescue or life threatening situations, the capacity is 620 lbs. and two (2) person maximum when used in a 3:1, 4:1, or 5:1 ratio. Two people may only be lifted in emergency rescue or life-threatening situations and should be restricted to only a few feet when a 3:1 or 4:1 ratio is used. The maximum length of rope available for the system is 1500 feet.


Operate this device by manual power only. Do not use power winches or other similar devices to operate this system.


This equipment is intended to be installed and used by persons who have been properly trained in its correct application and use.

Back-Up Fall Arrest System

A separate fall arrest system is required by OSHA to be used with the Rollgliss R350 for personal riding (work positioning). (Ref. OSHA 1910.28 and 1910.451.) This typically consists of a full body harness in conjunction with rope grab and lifeline.


User Manual

Including safety, installation and usage information.
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Technical Description

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Safety winch technical information.
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Heigh adjustable tripod technical information.
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