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North Safety "LA1" Self Retractable Load Arrestor - 500kg Capacity x 9m Cable (1 option)

Model:  SLA-2686

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North Safety LA1 Self Retractable Load Arrestor
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Load Arrestor.

Self-Retracting Load Arrestor

North Safety Load Arrestors are no longer available. Please see our range of Load Arrestors for a posssible alternative


Type: self-retractable load arrestor.
Model: SLA-1.
Rope type: 6.5 mm galvanised rope at a maximum length of 9m.


  • Maximum working load: 500kg.
  • Maximum arresting force: 12 kN*.
  • Response distance: approx. 0,1 m*.
  • Maximum fall distance: 0,6 m*.
    * Tested with no free-fall and 650 kg test weight.
  • Weight: 8,8-10,0 kg depending on rope type and length.
  • Dimensions (box): see drawing table for FP2/3**.

Build Properties

  • Rope drum: encloses recoil spring and carries rope and ratchet pawls.
  • Brake type: inertia, brake pocket and module are reinforced (stainless steel) andbrake pawls are supported on stainless steel axles which in turn are supported by retaining pockets at both ends.
  • Threads: all threads are stainless and all threaded aluminium parts are helicoiled with stainless steel.
  • Maintenance: all parts can be disassembled with standard hand tools, critical parts need anti tamper tools.
  • Load indicator: not present.
  • Rope termination: rope eye, aluminium swages and stainless steel thimble.
  • Rope entry point: enlarged and equipped with two rollers.




  • Housings and covers: high tensile powder coated aluminium alloy LM25TF.
  • Drum: high tensile aluminium alloy LM25TF.
  • Brake module: 303 stainless steel.
  • Pawl retaining pockets: 316 stainless steel.
  • Fasteners: 304 stainless steel.
  • Shafts: 303 stainless steel.
  • Bearings: self lubricating (oilite).
  • Ratchet pawl and ring: high tensile brass CZ121.
  • Entry guide bush: high tensile brass.
  • Pawl springs: 302 stainless steel.
  • Main spring: CS80 spring steel.
  • Features

  • Packaging: double walled carton box with special insert (mm): L 359 x W 359 x H 322.
  • Certification

  • Europe: CE-Directive 89/392: in progress; applicable standard to be established.

Design Line Drawing

Load Arrestor - Design Drawing

Technical Specifications

To be updated shortly.


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