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G-Davit Lightweight Davit Anchorage Device for Confined Space Access and Working at Height Situations

Model:  LADF-4938

Davit With Fall Arrest Block Fitted
Davit Winch Fiting
G-Saver 2 Fall Arrestor with Retrieval Winch G-Winch Man Riding & Material Winch


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Material / Man Riding Winch - 20m
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EN795 & TS16415 anchorage device for confined space access and working at height situations, for temporary or permanent access.

Man Riding Davit With Winch And Fall Arrestor

The G-Davit is a lightweight EN795 + TS16415 anchorage device for confined space access and working at height situations, for temporary or permanent access.

It may be used as an anchor by more than one person simultaneously, providing the MWL (Maximum Working Load) is not exceeded.

The G-Davit is certified for materials and man-riding when used in the correct configuration:

Man riding: The davit must be used with a G-Winch (Man riding winch) and G-Saver II (Fall Arrest block).

Materials: The davit can be used with the G-Winch (fitted to the column), or with a manual chain hoist (mounted to the eye at the end of the davit arm).

Product Features

  • Lightweight: From 18kg.
  • David manufactured from aluminium.
  • Floor Mount Sockets available as Zinc Plated, Stainless Steel or Aluminium.
  • Both the G-Winch (Man riding winch) and G-Saver II (Fall Arrest block) can be mounted in an ergonomic position on the same side of the mast, keeping the top operator away from the edge.
  • CE Certified.
  • Cable routed so it keeps the rope away from the area of operation, reducing risk.
  • Up to 760mm reach (Davit type dependant).
  • Portable Compact and easy to carry.
  • Quick and simple assembly, no tools required.
  • Manufactured in the UK.
  • MWL of 200kg for personnel.
  • MWL of 250kg for materials.
  • Sockets, Winch, Fall Arrestor, and Brackets are all sold separately.

G.Davit Arm Dimensions

Davit Type Strut Setting Reach A (mm) B (mm)
Shortest 280 2100
Longest 415 2280
Shortest 355 2035
Longest 520 2190
Shortest 415 1955
Longest 610 2070
D200-80 Shortest 350 2160
Longest 550 2410
Shortest 430 2090
Longest 665 2300
Shortest 490 2005
Longest 760 2155
G Davit Height And Reach

G-Saver 2: Fall Arrestor with integrated Retrieval Winch

The G-Saver II is a fall arrestor block that features a recovery / retrieval winch.

  • MWL: 136kg.
  • Recovery winch with anti-run brake.
  • Shock absorbing brake mechanism.
  • Approx. 3m per minute retrieval.
  • Stopping distance 0.6m to 1m.

G-Winch: Material & Man Riding Winch

The G-Winch is specifically certified for the lifting and lowering of personnel. It is a personnel winch that may also be used for load lifting.The anti-run braking mechanism means that, if the winding arm is released during lifting, the winch automatically locks, holding the person / load steady until the handle is rotated again by the operator.

  • The 1:8.9 gear ratio make personnel lifting easy, and allows 50mm of cable retrieval per rotation.
  • May be mounted to various anchor devices.
  • Anti-run brake.
  • Up to 40m cable.
  • Heavy duty.

Socket Options

Floor / Surface Mount Socket Adjustable Clamp Socket
G Davit Floor Mount Socket
Adjustable Wall Bracket Davit Mount
  • Suits D200-60 and D200-80 G.Davit models
  • Certified for lifting personnel and loads
  • Includes socket cap with lanyard
  • Includes internal sleeve / liner
  • Req. M16 bolts
  • Pull out strength requirement for each bolt: 7,120 Nm minimum
  • Hole Centres: 240mm
  • Suits both D200-60 and D200-80 G.Davit models
  • Certified for lifting personnel & loads
  • Includes internal sleeve / liner
  • Aluminium
  • Weight approx. 24kg
  • Maximum clamp width 500mm
  • The supporting structure must be strong enough to support a bending moment of 8,400 Nm.

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