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Kratos LA10 200 10 Load Arrestor - 200kg Capacity, 10 metre cable length

Model:  LA10 200 10 / KLLA-4432

Part N° Length (m) Weight (kg) Load Capacity (kg) Guide Price Quantity
LA10 200 10
10 4.2 200 £  340.00
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Load Arrestor with galvanised steel wire rope 4.8mm dia.

  • La10 200 10 Load Arrestor Load Arrester designed to stop the fall of a weight max 200kg.
  • The casing is made up of high impacty strength Polymer, to prevent breakage and is nearly indestructible.
  • 10 metre Galvanised Steel Wire Rope with a diameter of 4.8mm.
  • Minimum break strength > 3kN.
  • Confrms to : Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE.
  • Fitted with karabiner at the top.


Ref Length Weight Load Capacity
LA 10 200 10 10m 4.2kg 200kg


LA 10 200 10 Load Arrestor Dimensions

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