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Heavy Duty Professional Stepladder Platform - Maximum Height 4.80m

Model:  HDS-1320

Heavy Duty Professional Stepladder Platform
Part N° Number of Rungs Minimum Length (m) Platform Height (m) Maximum Working Height (m) Total Weight (kg) Guide Price Quantity
1320-T2075 4 1.70 0.95 2.95 7.0 Quote Required
1320-T2076 5 1.95 1.20 3.20 8.0 Quote Required
1320-T2077 6 2.20 1.40 3.40 9.1 Quote Required
1320-T2078 7 2.45 1.65 3.65 10.1 Quote Required
1320-T2079 8 2.70 1.90 3.90 11.3 Quote Required
1320-T2080 10 3.20 2.35 4.35 12.5 Quote Required
1320-T2081 12 3.70 2.80 4.80 16.0 Quote Required
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H. Duty Stepladder.

This aluminium stepladder is designed for intensive professional use. It has a 150 kg maximum capacity, and a long guarantee of 10 years. It is EN 131 compliant. It features a self unlocking hinge on the platform to allow easy handling, and a guardrail with integrated tool holder, making the Andes (AEO) ideal for professional use. This product has extra high rounded steps to support the shin bone and allow more comfortable use of the ladder.

The usability of this stepladder is increased further by the coated dirt resistant profiles which help to stop the user's hands becoming dirty through use of the ladder. User confidence is further increased by the large anti-slip feet which increase the stability of the Andes (AEO) and the red step which indicates the maximum safe step height.

stepladder hinge system The self-unlocking hinge system on the platform makes the ladder easier to manoeuvre

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