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Heavy Duty Mobile Stepladder Platform and Handrail - Maximum Height of 4.80m

Model:  HDMS-1309

Heavy Duty Mobile Stepladder Platform and Handrail
Part N° Number of Rungs Maximum Height When In Use (m) Maximum Platform Height (m) Maximum Working Height (m) Front Profile Width (m) Side Profile Width (m) Folded Height (m) Total Weight (kg) mc Guide Price Quantity
1309-T1988 6 2.20 1.40 3.40 0.70 1.64 2.46 17 0.568 Quote Required
1309-T1989 8 2.66 1.90 3.90 0.74 1.97 2.97 20 0.725 Quote Required
1309-T1990 10 3.10 2.30 4.30 0.78 2.34 3.46 23 0.890 Quote Required
1309-T1991 12 3.57 2.80 4.80 0.82 2.70 3.94 26 1.066 Quote Required
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Mobile Stepladder Platform.

The Vera model is a competitively priced warehouse stepladder. These stepladders are designed for heavy duty / professional use in stores or warehouses. These safe and secure stepladders are ideally suited to work in these types of environment and have a capacity of 150 kg. The Vera is foldable, allowing space saving and easy storage. It provides a comfortable and sturdy aluminium platform for work, with a large guardrail.

The Vera has two reinforcing arms, these are an important safety feature designed to stop sudden or unwanted opening and closing. These arms are also used when raising and moving the ladder with its two sturdy handles, which then operate the durable and strong rubber wheels.

All of these features mean that the Vera is strong, secure and highly user-friendly when working in demanding environments, but also highly manoeuvrable and easy to store, even when space is at a premium, as well as being competitively priced.

The Vera fully complies to the EN131 European standard

folding ladder handrail

mobile ladder platform handrail

ladder platform wheels
Large, strong and secure extruded aluminium work platform (450 x 500 mm)

Reinforcing handles to stop sudden and unwanted opening / closing of the ladders. This is an important safety feature of the Vera. These handles are also used for raising and moving the Vera.

The sturdy rubber wheels are used when moving the ladders with the handles, making moving the ladder for work or storage easy.
folding stepladder safe access
stepladder tool tray
folding stepladder
The strong and sturdy handrail allows users safe and secure access

The strong aluminium work platform and tool tray make accessing height easier for the user. The tool tray has a 15 kg load capacity.

The Vera can be stored easily as it has a 330 mm width when folded. Moving these ladders into a storage location is made easy thanks to its wheels.

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