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Carriage Mounted Grain Bucket - 1380 litre to 1940 litre

Model:  GB-636

Carriage Mounted Grain Bucket
Part N° Capacity (Cubic Metres) Bucket Width (mm) Weight (kg) Guide Price Quantity
636-T12556 1.38 2110 620 Quote Required
636-T12557 1.94 2110 730 Quote Required
NOTE: This item has separate transport costs (£ 60.00)
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Grain Bucket.

A hydraulically operated heavy-duty bucket for handling high volume low weight product such as grain, root vegetables etc.

This is supplied with tipping carriage for fitting directly to the carriage of a fork truck or onto a telescopic handler.

The carriage will take other attachments, on quick release brackets.

When ordering please specify truck capacity, width, thickness and spread of forks.


Part N° Capacity (Cubic Metres) Bucket Width (mm) Weight (kg)
636-T12556 1.38 2110 620
636-T12557 1.94 2110 730

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