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Yoke Grade 10 Grip Safe Eye Self Locking Hook

Model:  GGSE-4429

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Gripsafe grade 10/100 eye type self-locking hook with positioning and trigger release handle to BS EN 1677-1+3.

Gripsafe Release Example Eye
Gripsafe Grade 10 Eye Hook

The self locking hook has been in use through out industry for many years and it’s simple fail safe method of load retention has made it the most commonly specified hook.  The Gripsafe self locking hook is an innovative safety development on this well proven and widely used lifting hook.

Grade 100 forged lifting components are manufactured from alloy steel in accordance with EN1677.

The Yoke Gripsafe eye style hook allows the operator to release the trigger button and open the hook without placing his or her fingers inside the load bearing part of the hook. This eliminates the inherent hazard of finger nips when operating the hook making the Gripsafe the safest all round hook available today.

All forged components are individually magnaflux crack detected after heat treatment, they are then individually proof load tested to 2.5 times working load limit in accordance with EN1677.

Only components fully compliant with all aspects of EN1677 can be used in chain slings certified to EN818-4. Hackett Grade 100 lifting components are suitable for use in a temperature range of -40C up to 200C without reduction in working load limit. 

Testing according to ASTM A952/A - DIN PAS 1061.


Part CodeW.L.L. TonnesChain Size mmDimensional ImageK mmW mmP mmO mmA mmT mmD mmH mm N.W. Kg
X-950-10 4.0 10 Gripsafe G10 Eye Hook Dimensions 175 139 71 49 32 27 13 31 1.9
X-950-13 6.7 13 227 174 80 57 40 34 16 39 3.0
X-950-16 10.0 16 277 212 114 78 50 39 21 47 6.3
X-950-20 16.0 20 329 250 127 91 60 54 23 56 11.7
X-950-22 20.0 22 350 260 151 105 70 56 24 59 14.5

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