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Adjustable Lightweight, Portable, Folding Scaffold Tower - Platform Height 1.8m, 3.80m or 5.8m (3 options)

Model:  FST-1288

Adjustable Lightweight Folding Scaffold Tower  Adjustable Lightweight Folding Scaffold Tower Extendable
Part N° Description Guide Price Quantity
1288-T20241 System to 1800mm Platform Height. £  1185.65
1288-T20242 System to 3800mm Platform Height. £  2154.10
1288-T20243 System to 5800mm Platform Height. £  2741.40
1288-T20239 Folding Base to 950mm £  690.10
1288-T20240 Horizontal Braces - (included in 1800, 3800 and 5800mm systems), £  41.90
1288-T20244 Toeboards - (included in 3800 and 5800mm Systems). £  86.90
Please Note: Horizontal Braces and Toeboards can only be supplied as additional accessories with a complete system.
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High Quality Folding Scaffold Tower.

folding scaffold tower configuration options

Suitable for work inside and outside, SELS offers within the 4000 scaffolding series, the renewed folding scaffold. This compact folding scaffold has basic dimensions of 0.75 x 1.85 m. This scaffolding system meets the EN 1004 (class 3, 200 kg/m2) and the EN 1298.

This scaffolding system is only available in single width up to 5.5m, although this item does have a folding base. These strong and durable towers help towards compliance with both HSE Good Working Practice & Work at Height Regulations (WAHR) and have a long guarantee. A risk assessment must be carried out for each installation and the user must be competently trained.

Scaffolding Features

  • The folding scaffold will, as standard, be supplied with red end caps (on the frames) and can be extended to a platform height of 3.80 m (working height) in combination with a set of collar tubes (optional)
  • This platform is adjustable to a variety of working levels, allowing work to be carried out at required height
  • This folding scaffold is easy to fold and unfold owing to its new hinge system
  • Can be wheeled through standard door openings without the need for disassembly, making moving the tower much less time consuming
  • The tower has a wooden platform with a windlock security system and anti-slip profile to increase safety
  • This tower affords the user comfortable climbing, as the rungs have an anti-slip profile and a rung distance of 28 cm
  • The folding tower wheels have a diameter of 125 mm
  • This product is a possible alternative to the well known SGB Youngman Mini-Max, though parts are not inter-changeable
  • This strong, durable high quality tower helps with compliance towards HSE Good Working Practice and the Work At Height Regulations (WAHR), and has a long guarantee. A risk assessment must be carried out for each installation and the user must be competently trained.

Images of Features

folding scaffold tower hinge

folding scaffold tower lockable wheel

folding scaffold tower collar-tubes folding scaffold tower folded for storage

Simple to fold out thanks to renewed hinge system

Fitted with locked wheel

Optional: separately supplied set of collar tubes enables extension Compact storage

folding scaffold tower in transport

folding scaffold external use

folding scaffold tower in use  

Can be wheeled simply through standard door opening

Extendable with 4000 series to a platform height of 3.80m

Suitable for many applications across industries

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