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Folding Mobile Steps GS Standard Approved Tubular Steel Knuckle Guard Hand Grips 4-8 Steps

Model:  FMS-1361

Folding Mobile Steps Folding Mobile Steps in Use Folding Mobile Steps Transportable
Part N° Number of Steps Platform Height (mm) Overall Dimensions When In Use (H x W x D mm) Dimensions When Folded (H x W x D mm) Total Weight (kg) Guide Price Quantity
1361-T2616 4 1000 1700 x 650 x 1310 930 x 650 x 1830 40 Quote Required
1361-T2617 5 1250 1950 x 690 x 1520 930 x 690 x 2120 45 Quote Required
1361-T2618 6 1500 2200 x 720 x 1730 930 x 720 x 2410 50 Quote Required
1361-T2619 7 1750 2450 x 770 x 1940 930 x 770 x 2700 55 Quote Required
1361-T2620 8 2000 2700 x 790 x 2990 930 x 790 x 2990 60 Quote Required
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Folding Mobile Steps.

These steps are manufactured and approved to the recognised European GS Standard, for the ultimate in user confidence and safety. They are constructed from tubular steel with two handles at the front, which are fitted with knuckle guard hand grips, which facilitate movement when the unit is erect.

The units have a unique mechanism allowing the unit to be folded and un-folded quickly without the use of nuts and bolts, meaning the units are highly user friendly. Stability is ensured by the expanded steel treads 2 x 200mm black rubber tyred wheels; tread size: 450mm wide x 145mm deep l Platform Size: 450mm wide x 300mm deep

mobile folding steps on wheels mobile folding step handles in use

This shows the unit being moved easily by the user, utilising the handles

The unit is easy to store when not in use, as it can be folded down easily, as shown in this image

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