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Miller "ME51" Rope Fall Arrest Single Leg Lanyard with Choice of Karabiner, Scaffold Hook and Snap Hook - 1.5 or 2 Metre

Model:  Miller ME51 / 1FAL-2573

2x18mm Karabiners
Snap Hook and Karabiner
50mm Scaffold Hook and Karabiner
63mm Scaffold Hook and Karabiner

No End




Snap Hook &


50mm Scaffold

Hook & Karabiner

63mm Scaffold

Hook & Karabiner

End Fittings

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1.5m or 2m Quality Rope Fall Arrest Lanyards with Many Karibiner Options. Complies to EN355.

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With built in shock absorber to reduce the forces exerted on the body in the event of a fall.

A Practical fall arrest rope lanyard for construction and industry. Significant improve your safety and that of your colleagues when working at height.

Lanyard Features:

  • 2m or 1.5m Rope Shock-Absorbing Lanyard equipped with diferent end connections.
  • Made of a highly resistant and durable 23mm polyester webbing or 12mm Polyamid rope for increased durability.
  • Adapted to harsh world conditions and difficult work environments.
  • The lanyards offer a better comfort in case of a fall.
  • Small size tear off dissipating element, which reduces the weight and makes the lanyard easier to handle and carry.
  • Come with a variety of attachments and designed to better meet fall protection needs.

Technical Information:

  • Length: 2 m/ 1.5m
  • Weight: 1.060 kg/ 0.980 kg (with Scaffold hook and Karabiner)
  • Breaking Strength: > 15 KN
  • Operating Temperature: -30°C to +50°C


  • Raw Material: 12mm Polyamide
  • Breaking Strength: > 2940 daN
  • Standard: EN 696

Energy Absorber

  • Raw Material: Polyamide 30mm
  • Breaking Strength: for linked element: > 3200 daN, for unlinked element: > 1500 daN

End Connectors:

2 x 18mm Karabiner
Snap Hook and Karabiner
50mm Scaffold Hook and Karabiner
63mm Scaffold Hook and Karabiner
2x18mm Karabiners
Snap hook lanyard
50mm scaffold hook lanyard
63mm scaffold hook lanyard
2m (1002907)
1.5m (1005290)
2m (1004578)
1.5m (1005278)
2m (1004591)
2m (1002906)

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