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Bux NEO EP Lifting Magnet, 230v Electropermanent - Range from 250kg to 1000kg

Model:  Bux NEO-EP / EM-823

Part N° Model Flat Material (WLL) Round Material (WLL) Length x Width (mm) Height to Crane Hook (mm) Weight (kg) Input Voltage (VAC) Guide Price Quantity
823-T11233 NEO-EP 500 500kg 250kg 370 x 125/167 425 54 230 Quote Required
823-T11234 NEO-EP 1000 1000kg 500kg 445 x 125/167 425 72 230 Quote Required
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Electropermanent lifting magnets.

Available in 500kg or 1000kg Capacity - Bux-NEO-EP lifting magnet

Magnet Information

The Bux NEO permanent lifting magnets are available in other capacities to which are available online. Should you require more information on the different capacities available please call our sales office on 01977 684600

The Bux NEO EP series incorporates four models: NEO-EP500 and NEO-EP1000 with rated lift capacities of 500kg and 1000kg for flat material and capacities of 250kg and 500kg for round materials.
Two poles allow for handling of plates and other flat materials as well as rounds,  like bars and tubes.
These models use powerful alnico and ceramic magnets whose field is controlled by a special control system.

Comes with an intergrated push button control. Remote control is optional.

Standard features

  • High strength pivoting steel bail
  • Control system, 230 VAC input
  • V-Shaped pole shoes for flat and round materials
  • Recessed push buttons to prevent unintentional operation
  • Robust construction
  • Supplied with manual, test certificate and CE declaration of confomity

Recommended Applications

  • Standard EP - liftmagnets are able to handle loads up to 1000kg.
  • As these magnets are actually permanent lifting magnets, the capacity in case of air-gap is limited.
  • Model EP is a small magnet very suitable for handling devices.
  • Comes complete with a seperate control.
  • These models are used, either individually or, in multiples on a beam for handling plates,bars. pipes and structurals.
  • These models are ideally suited for in-plant handling, loading and unloading machine tools and handling materials in warehouses.
  • When greater holding capacity is required, refer to our EP magnets.

    Workload limit (rated lift capacity)

  • The maximum workload is based upon lifting clean, smooth, flat, low-carbon steel plate, 30mm or thicker with the full area of the magnet's pole area in contact with the load
  • Derating is required for plates of flat material with rust or scale, unmachined or uneven surface, plates thinner than 30mm and alloy steels.
  • Refer to the operators manual for more detailed workload limits.

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