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SALA "Ultra-Lok Edge" Horizontal Use Fall Arrest Inertia Reel Block. Stainless Internals. Cable Lanyard with Snap Hook - 9m or 15 Metre

Model:  SALA Ultra-Lok Edge / EPIR-2766

SALA Ultra-Lok Edge Horizontal Use Fall Arrest Inertia Reel Block

with 9m or 15m Cable Lanyard

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Retractable "self retracting lifeline" (SRL) Edge Protected 9m and 15m Inertia Reel Suitable for Horizontal Use. Conforms to EN360.

Unfortunatley this page has now expired. Please click to be redirect to the updated range of Sala 'Ultra-Lok' Leading Edge Self Retracting Lifelines, with Optional Lifeline Material, and Length Options.


The fall arrest solution for horizontal use when risk of falling on sharp edges.

  • Self-Retracting Lifeline ensuring a fall on a sharp edge (no radius) is arrested in complete safety without breaking upon impact or during rescue.
  • Limits the dynamic impact to less than 600 daN even with pendulum effect (side drop).
  • Conforms to the highest standards for horizontal use (CE EN 360) and tested under the requirement VG 11 PfE 60 (Very Sharp Edge).
  • Also conforms to vertical usage, according to the usual standard EN 360.
  • Unique design: two separate systems of energy absorption provide total safety. If the cable becomes stuck on the sharp edge during the fall, the internal brake system on the block will not be engaged. However, the external energy absorber is activated and absorbs the energy of the fall ensuring the safety of the user whose fall is not stopped abruptly.
  • Main areas of use : flat rooves, steel construction, general construction, scaffolding and towers where there is a risk of falling on sharp edges.
  • Includes the high-quality features of the Ultra-Lok® range:
    • Swivelling loop anchor : avoids twisting of the cable (in vertical use);
    • Unique anti-rebound system : making it possible to keep the pawls engaged even on a flexible structure thereby avoiding “rebound” due to impact of the fall;
    • Cable reserve: in the event of a fall while the cable is fully extended a cable reserve is released allowing the internal brake to operate normally;
    • Stainless steel internal components : including the brake system and return spring;
    • Anti-ratcheting pawls : prevent blockages due to external factors (penetration of solid objects, corrosion, frost etc);
    • Semi-sealed design: sealed joint between the two housings provides enhanced protection against external factors.
  • i-Safe™ safety system : integrated into each unit to enable tracking of inspections, monitoring of control and management of information.

Technical specifications:

  • Cable material: galvanised steel with 1.6 mm thick protective polyurethane sheath on the last metre.
  • Cable diameter: 5.5 mm, 7*19 construction cable
  • Swivel snap hook: with fall indicator, galvanised steel, 16.5 mm opening
  • System breaking strength: > 15 kN
  • Capacity: 140 kg

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