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Camlok DBT Drum Turning Grabs - 300kg Capacity

Model:  Camlok DBT / DTG-380

Camlok Drum Turning Grab Suitable for Drums 400mm to 600mm Diameter.

Unfortunately the Camlok DBT Drum turning Grab is no longer available. Please view our full range of Drum Lifting Clamps for a suitable alternative.


The DBT is designed to lift drums in the vertical position and turn them through 90 degrees to the horizontal position. It can be used to tip containers to 180 degrees but it cannot place the drum down in this position.The “V” shaped jaws are lined with hard wearing rubber pads.
The grab is fitted with adjustable height legs supported on plastic rollers. The swivelling jaws are fitted with long handles to aid the operation when turning the drum.

  • Specifically designed for the lift of drums in the vertical position, then enabling the drum to be turned 90º into the horizontal position.
  • The Lifting Jaws are fitted with hard-wearing rubber pads.
  • Long handles assist when turning the drum.
  • Can be used to turn the drum upto 180 degrees (upside-down) but then the drum container must be turned back into its original starting position to placed the drum down.
  • Fitted with height adjustable legs which are supported on rollers.


In-order to tip the barrel easily, it must be picked up at the correct centre of gravity.
Drum surfaces must be free from oil, dirt, and grease.


These grabs are designed to handle drums. The DBT is supplied as standard with a manual open close device but it has the option of automatic latching and various jaw lining materials. (other size are available on request).

Camlok DBT Turning Grab - Manual Latch

Technical Specifications

Camlok 300kg WLL Drum Turning Grabs Specifications

Model WLL Drum Dia. (mm) Weight (kg) A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) E (mm) F (mm) G (mm) H (mm)
DBT 300kg 400 - 600 83 1150 1525 90 600 200 400 15 34

Unfortunately this product has been discontinued and/or is no longer available. Please contact us for details on possible alternative products.

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