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Camlok DT Crane Slung Drum Tongs For Lifting Steel Drums - 500kg

Model:  Camlok DT500 / DT-378

Camlok DT Crane Slung Drum Tongs For LKifting Steel Drums
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Camlok Drum Tongs in 600mm - 900mm Diameter.

Designed for transportation drums in the horizontal position.

  • The lever is designed to be pulled upwards which will close the tongs.
  • Grips the drum below the drum lips.
  • Fitted with a manually operated hold-open lever.
  • Suitable for Drum lengths from 600mm upto 900mm with a WLL of 0.5 tonnes
DT500 Drum Tongs

Technical Specifications

Model WLL Drum Length (mm) Weight (kg) A (mm) (max) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) (max) E (mm)
DT 500 600-900 5.5 580 320 50 900 14

Camlok DT Drum Lifting Tongs Specifications

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