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Codipro GRADUP "GIGA DSS UP" Universal Swivel Shackle - Capacity 125,000Kg


Codipro Giga Dss Universal Shackle
Codipro Giga Dssq Universal Shackle
GIGA DSS Universal Swivel Shackle GIGA DSS+Q Universal Swivel Shackle



Part N° SF 5:1 WLL (t) Weight (kg) Guide Price Quantity
125,00 268 Quote Required
125,00 268 Quote Required
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Bolt-on/bolt-down double swivel shackle lifting point/hoist ring - M150 Metric Thread

The GIGA.DSS universal Swivel Shackle bolt on/down lifting point/hoist ring has been especially developed for lifting and turning loads up to 125 tons with swivel lifting rings.

The universal swivel shackle GIGA.DSS can be used directly with the hook of the traveling crane.The Codipro team, always listening to the market and keeping an eye on its trends, works constantly to improve and develop its range of swivel lifting rings.

The Gradup range has been especially developed to be the quintessential swivel lifting ring, particularly in terms of the quality of the raw materials used.

Product Features

  • The optimization of the raw materials enables a significant improvement in WLL: up to 11% additional WLL (23% in safety factor 4).
  • A lifting ring is intrinsically stronger when it is used linearly. Under these conditions (= an angle of 0°), the Gradup lifting rings offer improved WLL.
  • Each Gradup lifting ring has an individual traceability number.
  • Certified lifting rings stamped with the 5:1 safety factor, means they can be used throughout the world, including in the USA. Codipro also provides all the information needed for use with a 4:1 safety factor, as defined under the EN 1677-1 standard.
  • An anti-corrosion coating means that the unpainted parts are rings are resistant to salt mist spray for 600 hours.
  • The tightening torque is stamped on all lifting rings in the Gradup range
  • The Gradup lifting rings are 100% compatible with lifting rings in the existing SEB, DSR, DSS ranges, etc. They are simply more effective.
  • In keeping with its mission statement, Codipro is especially concerned with the orange color of its lifting rings. This particular shade, which is always associated with safety, allowing users to distinguish Codipro’s lifting rings from all the copies available on the market that could put operators’ lives in danger.
  • Swivels under load.
Codipro Giga DSS Universal Shackle

Giga DSS Universal Shackle
Codipro Giga DSS+Q Universal Shackle

Giga DSS+Q Universal Shackle

DSS Specifications

Dimensions in millimetres.

Model Thread Dia. (x Pitch) SF 5:1 WLL (t) Standard L1 Torque (Nm) S1 S2 A B C D E F G Weight (kg)
GIGA.DSS M 150 UP M150 (x6) 125 228 2000 41 105 271 115 290 357 302 544 103 268
Giga Dss Universal Shackle

DSS+Q Specifications

Dimensions in millimetres.

Model Thread Dia. (x Pitch) SF 5:1 WLL (t) Standard L1 (mm) Torque (Nm) S1 (mm) S2 (mm) A B C D E F G Weight (kg)
GIGA.DSS+Q M 150 UP M150 (x6) 125 230 160 21 XZN N12 DIN 34824 267 115 290 357 302 544 103 268
Giga Dssq Universal Shackle

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