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Miller "Inertia Reel Rescue Kit" With Winch to Retrieve and Rescue After a Fall - Options at 15, 30 and 40 Metre

Model:  IRRK-2601

MightyEvac Fall Arrest Inertia Reel
Rope Bag
Telescopic Remote Rescue Pole
 MightyEvac Fall Arrest Inertia Reel Rope Bag
Telescopic Remote Rescue Pole

Optinal Extras

Scorpion PFL for Horizontal Use
Edge Roller
Aluminium Pulley
Tag Line
Anchorage Strap
 Scorpion PFL for Horizontal Use  Edge Roller  Helmet  Aluminium Pulley Tag Line
Anchorage Strap
1.5m Anchorage Sling(s) ?
@ £16.95
Helmet(s) ?
@ £64.38
Pulley Wheel(s) ?
@ £46.71
Edge Protector(s) ?
@ £80.53
Scorpion PFL(s) (Scaff Hook) ?
@ £256.44
Body Splint(s) ?
@ £577.28
Rope Bag(s) ?
@ £86.68
Rescue Pole(s) ?
@ £86.61

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MightEvac Kit for the Non Technical Raising and Lowering of a Casualty. Complies to EN341.

  • The MightyEvac rescue from height kit is a cost effective way for a rescue to be performed by a person or persons where rescue is not part of their usual role. Designed to rescue of a person left suspended after a fall from height, without the need for extensive training and not requiring technical rope access skills. We offer height safety training courses for working at height and specifically this rescue kit and tailored to suit your working environment. .
  • The winch must be used directly above the fallen casualty, if it is not possible to create an anchorage point directly above the casualty please uses the AG10 rescue kit, this enables the casualty to be hauled to either side.
  • The MightEvac is a fall arrest inertia reel with an integrated emergency rescue / retrieval winch. The winch is not designed for suspension work and must only be used for rescue of a casualty.
  • Using the telescopic rescue pole makes it possible to connect the Mighty Evac rescue device to the suspended person, even when they are unconscious without putting themselves in danger by having to descend to the casualty. This is a ‘No Cut’ safe and reliable solution for many rescue situations.
  • This Kit is very simple to operate and can raises or lowers the casualty to safety. Rescue heights are restricted to the kit purchased, 15 metre, 30 metre or 40 metre cable lengths are available
  • Provides a fast efficient and cost effective rescue, an average rescue takes less than 10 minutes with this lightweight and portable rescue kit which can be expanded / enhanced to suit your working environment
  • The rescue kit is suited to many rescue situations after falls from height. Typical industry sectors include, construction sites, general engineering maintenance, window cleaning, offshore, scaffolding, steel erectors, mobile elevated working platforms, etc, etc.
In This Kit...
Components Supplied As Standard:
1005149-60-61-MI65 Mightevac Extendable, Remote Casualty Emergency Rescue Pole For Falls From Height
MightyEvac Fall Arrest inertia reel with Integrated Rescue Winch
Model: 1005149 1005160 1005161
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Rope Bag
Model: 1010194, 1010193
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Telescopic Remote Rescue Pole
Model: selstrrp
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Optional Extras:


Miller Troll Edge Protection Roller for Rope

Scorpion PFL for Horizontal Use
To Provide fall protection to the rescuer
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Edge Protectors
To protect the rescue rope over a sharp or abrasive edge
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Certified for side impact, for the rescuer, and helps to keep casualty conscious after fall
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Pulley Wheel
Used to deflect the AG10 rope to give the best (usually overhead) position to rescue the casualty
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Tag Line
To Haul a casualty horizontally to a safe drop zone
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Anchorage Strap
For the rescuer and AG10 Block
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Maninevac Optional Body Splint
For Casualty Rescue
Model: 1007046
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