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Camlok TSD Pulling Clamp Range 1500kg to 7500kg

Model:  CTPC-4307

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Pulling Clamp with jaw opening from 0 - 40mm

TSD Clamp In Use

Unfortunately the Camlok TSD clamp have been discontinued. Please see our range of clamps for a possibly suitable alternative.

Used on all structural steel plates and sections upto a surface hardness of 300 Brinell.

Camlok Screwcam Pulling Clamps are primarily used as anchor points to allow fabrications to be pulled together and positioned during assembly or prior to welding. The clamps are attached by turning the screwed threaded axle. The TSD has a cam pad when a load is applied to the clamp the circular toothed pad pivots in a cam action, gripping the load.

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The Camlok series of screwcam clamps can be used on all structural steel plates and sections up to a surface hardness of 300 Brinell. They offer an easy way of attaching pulling equipment to steel structures and can be used for holding and for the correction of alignment problems. This range of clamps is designed for pulling in three planes. The design allows for simultaneous loading in two directions but not for the transportation of plate.

This series of clamps can be used in any combination or number of combinations required they are available in various sizes, lifting capacities and cap sizes.


Technical Specifications

Model WLL (working load limit) Jaw Capacity (mm) Weight (kg)
TSD 1500 1500kg 0 - 35 5
TSD 3000 3000kg 0 - 35 8
TSD 5000 5000kg 0 - 40 16
TSD 7500 7500kg 0 - 40 19.5
Tsd Dimensions
Model Plate (mm) Z A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) E (mm) F (mm) G (mm) H (mm)
TSD 1500 0 - 35 105 191 35 120 60 50 24 15.5
TSD 3000 0 - 35 120 235 46 120 67 60 34 17.0
TSD 5000 0 - 40 150 275 55 150 85 75 40 17.5
TSD 7500 0 - 40 162 295 65 150 92 80 50 22.0

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