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Sala "Glider 2" Sliding Beam Anchor for Fall Arrest Applications - Width 87.5mm - 350mm

Model:  2104700 / BA-3391

Beam Anchor
SALA Glyder 2 Sliding Beam Anchor for Fall Arrest Applications
Guide Price £ 278.00  

Glyder2 lightweight sliding beam anchor for use on steel girders, with quick and easy installation.

Sala Glider 2 Beam Anchor

Ultimate convenience with maximum protection.

Glyder 2 is designed with the worker in mind. It’s simply the safest, lightest and easiest to use beam anchor in the world!


  • Integrated ratcheting adjustment system provides quick and easy installation and removal.
  • Unique guarded locking mechanism protects the anchor from accidental disengagement.
  • Replaceable synthetic wear pads eliminate metal-to-metal contact reducing friction which provide smooth and effortless operation.
  • Extremely lightweight at only 1.66kg with a user capacity of 189kg.
  • Fits I-beams from 8.75-35cm wide, upto 3.125cm thick.
  • Meets global standards including OSHA, ANSI Z359, ANSI A10.32, EN795:1996 Class B. 


  • Load Bar Material - Aluminium 7075-T651.
  • Hook Ends Material - Alloy steel with zinc plating.
  • D-ring Material - Carbon steel with zinc plating.
  • Wear Pads Material - Polyethlene, U.V. stabilizer.
  • Fits I-Beam Size - 8.75cm to 35cm wide flange, up to 3.125cm.
  • Capacity - 189 kg.
  • Weight - 1.66 kg.
  • Minimum Breaking Strength - 22kN.
  • Standards and Warranty - Complies with OSHA 1910.66, OSHA 1926.502, ANSI Z359.1, ANSI A10..32 and EN 795: 1996 Class B.
  • Previous part number - KM22104700
  • New part number - 2104700

Complete Versatility and Freedom of Movement

The Glyder 2 provides fall protection and complete horizontal mobility while working on structural steel such as I-beams. For complete jobsite flexibility, the device can be attached overhead or at your feet. Once installed, the Glyder 2 will effortlessly follow theworker, in synthetic wear pads that eliminate metal-to-metal contact, reducingfriction, providing smooth operation. The Glyder 2 is designed to work with any standard CE - approved lanyard.

Guarded Locking Mechanism for Added Safety

For complete peace of mind, the ratcheting adjustment hook ends have a guarded locking mechanism. This added safety feature, protects the locking tab from being accidentally disengaged from the beam. In addition, the locking tab position is located on the side instead of the top. This design reduces the chance of it being kicked or forced open by the user’s lanyard.

Lightweight and High Design Strength

The Glyder 2 is extremely lightweight, at only 1.66 kg. It is the only beam anchor on the market with a user capacity rating of 189 kg, giving you additional tool carrying flexibility. In addition, it has a maximum breaking strength of 22kN.

Ratcheting Adjustment SystemGlyder 2 Integrated Ratcheting Adjustment System

Simple, Fast and Efficient Installation The Glyder 2 sliding beam anchor incorporates an integrated ratcheting adjustment system for complete ease-of-use. This unique system is built-in, with no external pins or chains that just get in your way. Glyder 2 installs in seconds, in three easy steps:
Step 1 - Depress locking tab mechanism.
Step 2 - Slide ratcheting hook end to fit snug against flange and release locking tab.
Step 3 - Repeat for other side if desired.

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