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Miller "MN10" Portable Lightweight Aluminium Tripod for Man-Riding, Fall Arrest and Rescue Applications.

Model:  Miller MN10 / PAT-2110

Miller Aluminium Tripod
Miller Mn20 Man Riding Hand Operated Wire Rope Winch-
Miller Tripod MightyEvac Man Riding Winch
Tripod Only

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Aluminium Tripod, Extendible up to 2.1m with Optional man riding winch and fall arrest retriever block.

Confined space tripod

Easily installed by one person, the self-locking, fully adjustable legs lock securely in place thanks to the automatic pins.

No chains are needed to secure the feet, which greatly reduces the risk of tripping.

Technical Specification

  • Max Working Load: 136 kg
  • Breaking Strength: > 10 KN
  • Weight: 15 kg
  • Operating Temperature: -30°C to +50°C
  • Dimension fully retracted: 1.17m dia 0.84m manhole
  • Dimension fully extended: 2.1m dia 1.50m manhole
  • Anchorage points: Galvanised steel

Certification & Conformity

  • EC Category PPE: Class 3
  • Standards: EN795(b)
  • European Directives: 89/686/EEC
  • Quality Assurance: ISO 9001 / 2000EC
  • Certification Number: 333 EC
  • Attestation Number: 0082/490/160/09/01/0297
  • Laboratory: APAVE Lyonnaise

Available in Several Configurations:

  • To be used for fall arrest (example, climbing down a ladder) the tripod must be used in conjunction with a fall arrest inertia reel with built-in emergency rescue winch. If the worker falls from the ladder the inertia reel will arrest the fall then the emergency rescue winch will be deployed to rescue the casualty. Thus providing the rescue plan, required by law.
  • To be used for manriding (suspension work / winching a person) the worker will be connected to a manriding winch on the tripod. There must also be a fall arrest inertia reel connected. This inertia reel must also be of a design that has an integrated retrieval winch. Should the manriding winch fail, the inertia reel will arrest the fall, the integrated rescue winch will then be used to rescue the casualty, again providing the rescue plan.
  • To raise or lower a casualty in a rescue environment, either the mightyevac or manhandler winch are suitable.

LiftingSafety Review:
This is our most popular Tripod system for fall arrest, manriding and rescue from height. This is a top quality EN795 certified tripod made by Miller and offered at a competitive price. In our opinion it is the accessories that set this system apart from the competition also being very competitively priced with good choice.

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