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SALA "KM1PT" Lightweight Aluminium Tripod for Man-riding, Rescue and Fall Arrest use. Lightweight and portable.

Model:  KM1PT7/9 / ART-2797

SALA Rescue Tripod
Rescue Winch for Tripod
Retrieval Block For Kmp1t
Aluminium Man-riding Tripod - 2.13m or 2.70m 18m or 36m Winch 15m, 25, or 39m Retrieval Block
Tripod Height
Winch Options ?
Inertia Reel Retrieval Block Options ?
Carry Bag
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2.13m or 2.70 metre High Aluminium Rescue Tripod, with Optional Winch and retriever block

Rescue Tripod Component Details

The Sala rescue tripod is a temporary anchorage device and is CE certified, it confirms to standard EN795 class B. The Sala tripods (two options) are lightweight and extremely portable, without sacrificing strength or durability and because of its light weight the setting up is quick and simple, performed by only one person.

We at Liftingsafety offer 2 options in different heights at 2.13m and  2.74m to anchorage point, and maximum diameter to inside of feet 1.6m or 2.1m and to add further versatility Sala have made the height even more adjustable with multiple height adjustment increments in in the legs every 75mm.

The Tripod has non-slip rubber feet c/w spiked edges, this makes sure that the tripod stays in place; safety chains ensure even when loaded the legs of the tripod will not move out of position. We offer the tripod with different lengths of Self retracting Lifeline with emergency retrieval (rescue) winch and / or a man-riding / rescue winch at 18 metre or 36 metre dependant on what the tripod is to be used for.

Our experience is that customers often find it very difficult to decide on the right combination of equipment to provide means of Fall Arrest, manriding (suspended access) and for rescue and therefore please feel free to contact our sales team at any time to seek advise or reassurance.Designed to withstand 22kN of vertical pull, this device has a maximum working capacity of 160kg for Fall arrest, work positioning or personnel riding.

Main features

  • Very lightweight and portable
  • Single person set up
  • 2 options at different working heights
  • Non-slip rubber feet , with spiked edges
  • Safety chains as standard
  • Leg mounting bracket for a self retracting lifeline, or a winch
  • Maximum working capacity of 160kg


Designed for raising, lowering or supporting persons, and  fall arrest. Ideal for situations such as:

  • Confined space work
  • Rescue situations

Technical specification

  • Legs: Telescopic extruded aluminium sections
  • Head: cast aluminium
  • Head attachment points: 2 separate points zinc plated steel
    Internal opening diameter 24mm
    Minimum breaking strength 22kN
  • Head pulleys: Zinc plated steel with yellow passivisation
    75mm diameter
    Accepts cable up to 6mm.
  • Leg mounting bracket: Zinc plated steel with yellow passivisation
  • Tripod individual serially numbered
  • Conforms to standard: EN795 class B
  • Designed to withstand 22kN of vertical pull
  • Maximum working capacity of 160kg.
    If you need a slightly higher capacity man-riding tripod, our ridgegear 200kg rescue tripod may be of interest.

We also have a wide variety of other rescue gantries, quadpods and tripods available online, each with their own unique features.

LiftingSafety Review:
Sala are a top quality height safety equipment manufacturer and this is a top quality Tripod suitable for fall arrest, rescue after a fall, for working in a confined space or for man riding (suspended access) If you want the best then this is probably the right choice. There is even a fall arrest inertia reel with ATEX certification!

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