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Miller Troll Rescue Quadpod Lightweight Aluminium with Optional Winches and Hoists

Model:  Miller Quadpod / ARQ-2111

Lightweight Rescue Quadpod (4 legs).

Unfrotuantely the Miller Quadpod is no longer available. Please see our range of fall arrest tripods / quadpods for a possible alternative.

This is our Lightweight Quadpod system that can be used for access, work positioning and rescue and is a prefered choice for many search and rescue teams because during a rescue operation, safety is of paramount importance, but time and nature are often against you and this well designed versatile lightweight yet durable system gives the rescuer the edge needed to safely perform the rescue in the minimum of time. With planning and training the Miller Troll Quadpod really can perform. When used with other products the Miller Troll quadpod allows users to vertical lower a person / worker or casualty and raises or raise a stretcher, plus implement a diagonal cable way.

Lightweight and 4 legs, the quadpod is an ecellent tool for cliff top or mountain rescue and confined space rescue with its Multi-positioning, easily adjustable telescopic legs that extend from 135cm to 230cm. (Removable for Transport)

  • Supplied with pivoting rubber studded feet for greater stability even on rough terrain.
  • High grade corrosion resistant aluminium for greater durability even in harsh environments.
  • Chain can be fitted to prevent leg spread on uneven terrain
  • Safe working load - 500kg or 3 men.
  • Certified to EN795 Class B c/w CE certificate of conformity
  • Weight only 12.5kg

Available For Several Applications:

  • To be used for fall arrest (example, climbing down a ladder) the quadpod must be used in conjunction with a fall arrest inertia reel with built-in emergency rescue winch. If the worker falls from the ladder the inertia reel will arrest the fall then the emergency rescue winch will be deployed to rescue the casualty. Thus providing the rescue plan, required by law.
  • To be used for manriding (suspension work / winching a person) the worker will be connected to a self tainling winch on the quadpod. There must also be a fall arrest inertia reel connected. This inertia reel must also be of a design that has an integrated retrieval winch. Should the self tailing winch fail, the inertia reel will arrest the fall, the integrated rescue winch will then be used to rescue the casualty, again providing the rescue plan.
  • To Raise or Lower a Casualty in a Rescue Environment, either the MightyEvac or manhandler winch are suitable.
Self Tailing Winch

Optional Extras

Self Tailing Winch (picture right)

  • Highly efficient, two speed rope winch for use in conjunction with Quadpod.
  • Self tailing winch keeps both hands free to turn the handle.
  • Power Rip system grips will start to creep without allowing any overload.
  • Designed for use with 11mm kernmantel rope
  • Weight 5.45kg
  • Drum: 70mm
  • Base: 125mm
  • Height From Bracket: 150mm
  • Line Only: 62mm
  • Line Size: 10/ 12mm
  • Lock in Handle: 254mm
  • Gear Ratio: (1st) 1.3:1 (2nd) 3.7:1
  • Power Ratio: (1st) 9.5:1 (2nd) 26.5:1

Storage Bag

  • Yellow PVC Reinforced Nylon
  • Adjustable Carrying Straps
  • Pull Cord Closure
  • Capacity 35L

MightyEvac Fall Arrest Block c/w Recovery Winch

  • When entering a confined space or being lowered mechanically, a person needs to be attached to an independent fall arrest lifeline.
  • The recovery block can also be used for lowering or retrieval in an emergency
  • Click here for more information on the MightEvac Recovery Winch.

LiftingSafety Review:
The Miller Quadpod does everything and lots more than any of the Tripods that we offer though costs considerably more. Ask yourself the question "what do I need to achieve with the Quadpod and unless you are a rescue team / professional the tripod will probably be the right choice.
90005150 Notice EN795 ind1.pdf

Notice EN795

(approx. 2.5Mb)

Technical Spec Sheet

(approx. 0.1Mb)
NT90020596 IND C .pdf

User Instructions

Complete user instructions for the Miller Quadpod
(approx. 0.9Mb)

Unfortunately this product has been discontinued and/or is no longer available. Please contact us for details on possible alternative products.

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