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Portable Aluminium Gantry Crane with Adjustable Feet, 1000kg, 1500kg or 2000kg x up to 5m Beam length (5 Options)

Model:  AGC-2741

Portable Aluminium Gantry Crane with Adjustable Feet
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NOTE: This item has separate transport costs (£ 120.00)

Lightweight aluminium gantry crane suitable for uneven / rough terrain.

Aluminium Gantry Crane - Retracted
Fully Retracted

Aluminium Gantry Crane - Extended
Fully Expanded

Component Dimensions

Component Dimensions

The AGC-2741 aluminium gantry crane is no longer available. Please see our full range of aluminium gantries for a possibly suitable alternative.

Our AGC-2741 range of Aluminium mobile lifting gantries are all extremely lightweight and portable covering capacities from 1000kg, 1500kg and 2000kg. The design is fully adjustable in width between the vertical uprights and height adjustable both in the vertical column and all four leg posts.

These gantries provide a cost effective portable lifting solution and are made in Germany, Western Europe.

Delivery lead time for the standard height gantries is is usually only 1-2 days though generally never more than two weeks from order as a shipment is received every 2 weeks from Germany; the Extra tall gantries are made to order and so the lead time is a little longer at about 3 weeks lead time..

The most cost effective solutions will be to utilise our standard range / sizes of aluminum lifting gantry though if this is not a possibility then we can quote for the supply of modified  (bespoke) / special alloy lifting gantry to suit your specification.


We offer the gantry range with-out castors fitted and all the dimensions below reflect no castor's fitted. We can supply castor's that will fit the pre-drilled gantry feet at additional cost. Before you fit these and use the lifting gantry you must fist carry out your own risk assessment and method statement and then it is your responsibility to conclude that castors are appropriate and suitable for that particular lift and that the lift is being conducted by a  competent person. The castors are individually load rated at 750kg and are all swivel with two braked. We do not recommend that the gantry is moved under load. (We can supply all braked and fitted with directional locking castors if required).


  • Lightweight options at 1000kg, 1500kg and 2000kg. Beam lengths available up to 5 metre long.
    (special made to order gantries available on request)
  • Supplied with push travel beam trolley (load trolley)
  • Easy to transport and erect, entire crane made of light weight aluminium (alloy).
  • Supplied with optional swivel swivel, braked castor's.
  • Extremely competitive priced.
  • Each support leg is fitted with a large base plate (helps stop sinking in to softer ground) and  can be individually adjusted for working on uneven ground. (all terrain / rough terrain capable)
  • Working width infinitely adjustable.
    • Split type only: Running rail and lateral parts with folding up and disassembling possibility.


Part N° Load Capacity (kg) Beam Length (mm) Total Weight (kg) Overall Width Max. Height (& under beam)
Min. Height (& under beam) Height Adjustment I beam depth
2741-B 1000kg 5000 130 1715mm 3520mm (3220mm) 2295mm (1995mm) 1225mm 300mm
2741-C 1000kg 5000 TBA 1715mm 4300mm (4000mm) 3075mm (2775mm) 1225mm 300mm
2741-D 1500kg 4000 124 1715mm 3520mm (3220mm) 2295mm (1995mm) 1225mm 300mm
2741-E 1500kg 4000 TBA 1715mm 4300mm (4000mm) 3075mm (2775mm) 1225mm 300mm
2741-G 2000kg 4000 139 1715mm 3520mm (3220mm) 2295mm (1995mm) 1225mm 300mm

Gantry Close-up Images


Top Beam Corner Top Beam adjustment, easily adjustable lifting beam width Top Side View of the Gantry Legs Top Side View of the Gantry Legs Showing vertical height adjustment
Front Side View of the Gantry Legs Gantry Legs showing height adjustable feet posts. Particularly suitable for uneven ground
Gantry Base Plate Gantry Base Plate showing no Castor's fitted (though pre-drilled) large base plate helps prevent penetration in to soft ground
All Braked, All Swivel Castor Optional Castors, All Swivel, two braked, 200mm high, brown polyurethane tyre on cast iron wheel


1500kg Gantry User Manual

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Product Datasheet

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