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Sala Advanced "Vehicle Hitch Mounted" Davit Arm. Fits On The "Tow Ball" of Any Vehicle.

Model:  VHMS-3512

Standard Reach Davit Top Fixed Pole
Long Reach Davit Top Fixed Pole
Extension Poles
Advanced Vehicle Mount Option 3
Standard Reach Davit Top Long Reach Davit Top Extension Poles Advanced Vehicle Mount
Advanced Vehicle Mount Option 5
Ball Joint Coupler
Extension Poles
Advanced Vehicle Mount Ball Hitch Adapter Tow Bar Coupler Ball Mount Extension Poles
Manual Winch
Powered Winch
Rsq Self Rescue
Sealed Blok
Manual Hoist Powered Drive Hoist RSQ Self Rescue Block Retriever Blok
System Reach
Height of Suspension Point ?
Extension Poles
Advanced Vehicle Mount System ?
Anchorage Options
Extension Bar
Universal Joint Assembly ?
No Yes
Winch Options
RSQ Retrieval Block
Sealed Retreival Block

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Portable anchor point for confined space entry / retrieval, rescue and fall arrest system.

Our portable Tow ball mounted Davit system will Increasingly become the first choice for use by Water Authorities in the UK and further afield for safe working around access chambers, wet wells and culverts etc, particularly in remote locations... though also adapted by heavy industry and manufactuSala (UCL) Vehicle hitch mount sleezering as a truly portable height safety problem solver.

The Vehicle Hitch Mount davit system is designed to install directly to a 2" (51mm) hitch \ tow ball to provide a portable anchor point for confined space entry, man riding, fall arrest and rescue. The vehicle becomes the counterbalance weight granting the versatility for a davit to be quickly installed at many remote locations where otherwise the user may need to either install permanent sockets or carry and install ballast weights on a much larger and and less portable davit system.

Various options and extras are available, these include:

  • We offer horizontal extension poles. These are used to increase the distance between the vehicle and the davit to a maximum of 10 feet; for example the access point may be inside a compound preventing the vehicle from getting close to the access chamber.
  • The main socket / bracket assembly is available in two sizes. The wide option to suit the long reach davit and the standard width to suit the shorter reach davit - both are height adjustable to allow for uneven ground.
  • The universal joint assembly fits between the main socket / bracket assembly or extensions and the vehicle to compensate for uneven ground .
  • Davit arm options: Many height options to suit our customers requirements, we offer two reach options, both are adjustable.
  • Tow ball coupler - to fit any 51mm standard tow ball. This means that the davit will fit onto any suitable vehicle (or structure) fitted with the tow ball, for example not just a van or 4x4 etc as a tow ball could simply be retro fitted to any other vehicle such as a dumper, digger, Tractor, JCB's. or even steelwork / concrete etc.....(endless potential).

Standard Vehicle Hitch Mount

Large Vehicle Hitch Mount

Standard size socket / bracket assy - For the short reach Davit. A Portable Vehicle socket Assembly that Mounts directly to the car / van / tow bar / ball.
Weight: 25.8 kg (57 lbs).

Standard Reach Vehicle Mount Sleeve / Socket : 8510140

Wide option - For the long reach Davit option. A Portable Vehicle tow ball Mounted socket Assembly that mounts directky to the car / van / towbar.
Weight: 28.1 kg (62 lbs).

Long Reach Vehicle Mount Sleeve / Socket : 8514461


1-7/8” Ball Hitch Adapter & Adapter Kits Tow bar Coupler
The Vehicle ball Mount - Extension pieces
Uneven ground attachment Ball Joint Coupler Extension Poles

Universal Joint Assembly for UCL Vehicle Tow ball (Hitch) Mount socket: The Universal Joint Assembly installs between the standard or wide  model Hitch Mount socket assembly and the extension pole to compensate for uneven ground conditions at the site. In addition, the Universal Joint allows the Vehicle Hitch Mount to be positioned off to either side of the vehicle to make set-up more convenient.

Universal Joint Assembly : 8511401

Tow bar coupler. Remove the pin at the front of the picture then push the tow ball inside the coupler and replace the pin. Next tighten the red screw to stop the ball from moving inside the coupler - the coupler is now installed!

Towbar / Tow Ball Couper : 8520886

Designed to offer additional length to the standard hitch mount sleeve (davit socket) in applications where more distance is required between the vehicle and the point of entry (manhole etc...) Extension pieces are available in 3 lengths. A maximum of one extension can be used offering a maximum of 10 feet between the tow ball and the davit socket.

24" Extension Pole : 8514503

48" Extension Pole : 8512829

72" Extension Pole : 8511384

Vehicle Mount Base Possible Configurations

Advanced Vehicle Mount Option 1 Advanced Vehicle Mount Option 2

Option 1

Standard configuration for use on easy access situations where the ground is even and un-obstructed. Items inlcuded in kit.


Option 2

Standard configuration with the addition of a universal joint hitch mount sleeve which installs between the standard model and the universal joint to compensate for uneven ground conditions at the site. Kit includes:

Advanced Vehicle Mount Option 5 Advanced Vehicle Mount Option 3

Option 3

Advanced Vehicle Mount System with wheel base anchorage - This system allows the davit to be used in conjunction with the vehicles front wheel instead of the tow ball coupler.

Option 4

As of option 2 but with addition of an extension bar. This allows access to entry points (manhole etc) that are further away from the vehicle with a maximum offset of 450mm. Three sizes of extension bar are available though only one can be used at a time and maximum distance of 10 feet between the tow ball and davit socket

Advanced Vehicle Mount Option 4

Key of parts:

  1. Universal Joint Assembly - Allows the vehicle hitch mount to be positioned off to either side of the vehicle, ideal for use on uneven ground
  2. Socket and adjustable bracket assembly - Available in 2 sizes, to suit 29" or 48" reach davits
  3. Vertical pole extension mast.
  4. Davit arm upper section
  5. Tow bar Coupler
  6. Extension Pole available in three lengths

Option 5

As of option 1 but with the addition of an extension bar.

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