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Sala Advanced Portable Fall Arrest Post System with a Wide Choice of Fall Arrest Inertia Reels

Model:  APFS-3527

PFAS Pro Anchor Style for Concrete Surfaces 8517362
Base for Concrete Surface 8512322
PFAS Base With Tie Off Sand Blasted 8157422
Portable Fall Arrest Mast 8516691
Anchor Post Extension 8516692

PFAS Pro Anchor Style for Concrete Surfaces

Base for Concrete Surface

PFAS Base With Tie Off Sand Blasted

Portable Fall Arrest Mast

Anchor Post Extension

4.2m PFAS 8516996
PFAS Inclined Base 8517346
PFAS Base with Tie Off Bare Steel  8517412

Bag for PFAS / PFAS Extension Mast8517665

Davit Arm for PFAS 8516693
4.2m PFAS

PFAS Inclined Base

PFAS Base with Tie Off Bare Steel

Bag for PFAS / PFAS Extension Mast

Davit Arm for PFAS

Sala Sealed Retriever Block with Handle
Sala Advanced Digital Winch
Sala Self Rescue Blok

SALA Sealed Retriever Block with Handle

Sala Advanced Digital Winch with Handle

SALA RSQ Self Rescue Block with Handle

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Sala (UCL) Portable fall-arrest system.

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The Advanced Portable Fall Arrest Post is specifically designed for use on top of transformers or other types of vertical platforms with potential fall hazards. It’s compact and lightweight design of only 38 lbs makes the post very easy to transport and put in place.
The system features 3 independent swivel anchor points. They can rotate 360 degrees, offering freedom of mobility for up to 3 workers with self-retracting lifelines or fixed length lanyards.


  • Provides three independent swivel tie-off points for fall arrest anchorage (Three worker maximum in any configuration).
  • Three-stage/four-position telescoping design and aluminum construction for easy transportation and set-up.
  • Leveling screws allow the system to be plumbed to vertical on inclines up to 15 degrees.
  • Portable and fixed bases allow for versatile usage.
  • Suggested Applications: Electrical transformers, leading edge deck work, confined space and rescue, industrial presses, bridge cranes,  large cranes, limited horizontal lifeline applications.

The Working Radius of Portable Fall-Arrest System (PFAS)

Portable pole systems positioning

The Portable Fall-Arrest System has 3 telescopic working heights ranging from 30.5” (774 mm) 43” (1092 mm), all the way up to 54.5” (1384 mm). This decreases a worker’s fall distance and increase the overall work area. *NOTE: The Rescue Davit Arm works in the 2nd and 4th positions only.

Working Radius

Comparison of Posts at Rated Distance
  (610 mm)
  (1220 mm)
 (1829 mm)

8344 lbs
(37.1 kN)

5081 lbs
(22.6 kN)
4200 lbs
(18.7 kN)
Similar PFAS Post Products
4200 lbs
(18.7 kN)
2564 lbs
(11.4 kN)
2118 lbs
(9.4 kN)

Safe Working Area

The DBI-Sala (UCL) Advanced Portable Fall Arrest System offers a six foot (1829 mm) radius or twelve foot diameter (3658 mm) Safe Working Area. This  means that a maximum of three persons can work within six feet of the post within the design parameters set forth by UCL.

Design Criteria

UCL engineers have derived a worst case scenario of two people falling simultaneously when the structure is already supporting a previously fallen third person (who may weigh up to 300 lbs). All people are equipped with a shock absorber of 900 lbs Maximum Arresting Force (M.A.F.).

Applying an industry accepted 2:1 design factor to this worst case loading of 2100 lbs (9.34 kN) or broken down {(900 lbs + 900 lbs + 300 lbs) x 2}, we arrive at 4200 lbs (18.7 kN) as a proof load for the structure. This design factor is laid out in the OSHA regulations for engineered systems.

Compare Design Criteria

THIS IS IMPORTANT! The angle at which a load is applied greatly affects the load the structure can support. The further away from the post that you apply the force, the stronger the post has to be to provide the stated proof load. An anchor post with a 4200 lbs proof load that is tested from six feet away is much STRONGER and SAFER than one tested from, for example, two feet away. In fact, the maximum safe working area of a fall protection anchor post is normally defined by the distance from the post (or angle) that the proof load test is done at. Since the UCL Portable Fall Arrest System Post is designed to protect 3 workers working within a six foot radius of the post, the worst case proof load test was applied six feet
away from the centerline of the post.

Cost Benefit

The larger the safe working area of an anchor post is the fewer anchor posts are needed to protect the working area. You need fewer posts and fewer uni-anchor base locations to cover a given area effectively. This translates into less cost to cover a given area and fewer potential  obstructions for workers.

Portable Fall Arrest System Options

Advanced Portable Fall Arrest Post Rescue Davit Arm

The optional Rescue Davit Arm assembles easily to address material handling or rescue needs. It’s made with lightweight aluminum materials for easy transportation and setup. **NOTE: The Rescue Davit Arm works in the 2nd and 4th positions only. See previous page.

8516693 - Advanced Portable Fall Arrest Post Rescue Davit Arm (Weight: 9.3kg).

8517565 -  Heavy Duty carrying bag for davit arm only.

14ft (4.2m) Uni anchor fall arrest post

Pro Anchor Style Post

Provides a different anchorage option.

14" (356mm) anchor post extension

14’ (4.2 m) Uni-Anchor Fall Arrest Post

The 14’ Uni-Anchor Fall Arrest Post mounts using
Uni-Anchor plates and extends up to 14’ (4.2 m) to
provide a 1-man-rated fall-arrest anchor point.

14” (356 mm) Anchor Post Extension
Allows for tie-off of one worker at an
increased height of 68.5” (1740mm)
Pro Anchor Plate Bare Steel Uni Anchor Weld-on ounting plate Uni Anchor I Beam Base

Pro-Anchor Plate

For use with the Pro-Anchor Style Post.

Bare Steel Uni-Anchor with Tie-off Anchors

For use in closed environments without chemical or moisture exposure.

Weld-on Mounting Plate

Unplated mild steel construction.

Uni-Anchor I-Beam Base

For connecting the PFAS to an I-Beam.


DimensionsMaterials & Construction

General Construction Welded steel / aluminum
Weld Certification CWB-47.1, CWB-47.4
Material (aluiminum) 6061-T6 Aluminum
Material (steel) H.R. Steel plate, Sch. 40 Pipe
Finish (aluiminum) Powder Coat
Finish (steel) CS-500 Zinc Plated
Swivel Ring Bushing PVC Pipe, ASTM-D-1785
Hardware Gr.5, Gr.8 - Zinc Plated.
Plating Specification ASTM Designation B633-85, Type II, SC2, CS-500 Leachant / Sealant Process

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