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3 Section Ladder - 8.5m Max Working Height

Model:  3SL-1300

3 Section Ladder
Part N° Rungs per section Closed Height (m) Stepladder Working Height (m) Max Height (m) Profile Dimensions (mm) Total Weight (kg) Guide Price Quantity
1300-T1007 6 + 7 + 7 2.25 2.10 4.95 67 x 27 16.5 Quote Required
1300-T1008 7 + 8 + 8 2.55 2.40 5.85 67 x 27 18.5 Quote Required
1300-T1009 8 + 9 + 9 2.85 2.70 6.45 67 x 27 20.0 Quote Required
1300-T1010 9 + 10 + 10 3.10 3.00 7.30 84 x 27 25.0 Quote Required
1300-T1011 10 + 11 + 11 3.40 3.30 8.50 100 x 27 30.0 Quote Required
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3 section ladder.

LUXE3 Premium Quality Combination Ladders

  • Aluminium profiles (67 / 84 / 100 mm)
  • Intermediate Section Width: 423 mm
  • Base Section Width: 480 mm
  • Last Section Width: 365 mm

combination ladder positions of use

These competitively priced heavy duty ladders are of excellent quality, they are robust, rigid and very strong, but at the same time, light weight. This is thanks to their ribbed extruded aluminium construction, and advanced method of manufacture with automatic flanging. The Luxe 3 can be utilised as a stepladder or combination ladder, with the third section serving only as a guardrail when the product is used as a stepladder.

This product can be used on stairwells and uneven surfaces or levels owing to its base stabiliser. "Extended" feet lift the base stabiliser to 45 mm, allowing the Luxe 3 to be used in environments with small obstructions. It can also be extended in narrow or confined space as it can be used without the base stabiliser.

This product is compliant with the European Standard EN131

Ladder Key Features

The product comes with a test certificate in compliance with the European Standard, instruction manual, identification label and is packaged with thermo-shrinkable plastic. It has an in-built adjustable base stabiliser and safety features (see table below), and comes with a 5 year guarantee.

The picture below shows the different use positions of the Luxe 3

ladder safety braces to control opening

These braces prevent the ladder opening in an uncontrolled manner

ladder safety feature to prevent overturning

This feature prevents the third section overturning to ensure the safety of users. The Luxe 3 features a device to prevent the ladder slipping from the users hand in an uncontrolled manner, and the falling of the third section, during extension of the ladder whilst it is used as a stepladder.

patented adjustable ladder stabiliser

This patented adjustable stabiliser counter balances the effects of uneven surfaces by utilising two high strength extractable pins; which facilitate the levelling of the ladder. (At 5 mm intervals - 180 mm to 310 mm from the base.)

ladder safety device to control shifting of sections

This device prevents uncontrolled upward shifting and is a key safety feature of this product

ladder base stabiliser

Can be used with confidence on uneven surfaces thanks to the patented adjustable stabiliser

non skid ladder rungs

Ergonomic and non-slip rungs increase confidence and safety for user

ladder sliding wheels

Sliding wheels for use in the "leant to wall" position. They secure the ladder whilst it is in use, and prevent the unwanted upward movement of th ladder whilst it is in use.

ladder aluminium hinges

High quality aluminium hinges increase product lifespan and hardiness

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