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3 Section Fibreglass Ladder - 7.5m Maximum Working Height

Model:  3SFL-1302

3 Section Fiberglass Ladder
Part N° Rungs per section Closed Height (m) Working Height (m) Max Height (m) Profile Dimensions (mm) Total Weight (kg) Guide Price Quantity
1302-T1750 3 x 08 2.40 2.30 5.47 70 x 30 20.70 Quote Required
1302-T1751 3 x 10 3.00 2.90 7.45 90 x 32 32.00 Quote Required
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Fibreglass 3 section Combination Ladder.

This is a fibreglass insulated 3 section ladder. It can be used as a stepladder with base stabiliser, free standing combination ladder, and a 3 part extension ladder. (When used as a stepladder the third section serves only as a guardrail). Owing to the V3's fibreglass frame it is suitable for work next to outlets, cables and sources of electrical energy. It is possible to use this product as an extended, leant to wall or frame ladder. The rungs of the ladder are non-skid knurled aluminium. This product is highly user-friendly with a manageable rung distance of 28cm. This product has several safety features including a base stabiliser, a device to prevent uncontrolled upward shifting, anti-opening straps and a device to prevent the ladder moving above its maximum safe height.

The V3 is tested to 100,000 volts, has a maximum capacity of 150 kg, and it conforms to the European standard EN131

  • Final Width 36 cm
  • Intermediate Section Width 42 cm
  • Base Section Width 49 cm
fibreglass ladder aluminium opening - svelt V3

The aluminium opening system gives the product strength and durability

svelt V3 fibreglass ladder base stabiliser

The base stabiliser increases user confidence and safety

svelt V3 fibreglass ladder aluminium rungs

The V3's non-skid aluminium rungs increase safety for the user and are flanged to increase strength and durability, they have a section of 27 mm.

svelt V3 fibreglass ladder sliding wheels

The sliding wheels are used when the ladder is used in the "leant to wall" position, their knurled shape helps to prevent side movement.

svelt V3 fibreglass ladder safety feature

This safety device prevents unwanted upward shifting of the sections

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